As the author of the best-selling books on Email Marketing, the same question pops up often “Which system would I recommend for email marketing?” Earlier is used to suggest Aweber, MailChimp as well as GetResponse, etc. But now I only recommend ActiveCampaign.

In this review, everything will be covered so that you can know why you should go for it over other systems.


Review of ActiveCampaign


First things first, it is powerful. It has all the advanced tagging, sequences, segmentation, as well as tracking features of Infusionsoft as well as Ontraport at a great price. No wonder, the automation is impressive in some ways because of the reason that its built-in Zapeir integration helps in hooking it up with various tools from CRM systems as well as bookkeeping systems, e-commerce, etc.


They are mainly focusing on making it a top-notch email marketing as well as an automation system rather than focusing on landing page builder, affiliate systems, and a lot more.


The second thing is that ActiveCampaign is simple. For instance, a system like Infusinonsoft is badly designed and is hard to use because of its difficult features. However, ActiveCampaign is simple to use as compared to other advanced systems.


The third point is that it offers amazing technical support. With Infusionsoft as well as Ontraport, it is tiresome to get solutions to the issues with their first-line support. However, with ActiveCampaign, they are known to have technical experts that are always present in their live chat and help in addressing every question.


The fourth point is that it is of great value. Infusionsoft, as well as Ontraport costs around $299/month, and they are known to limit the number of emails that you can send every month before paying the ‘overage’ fees – 25, 000 for Infusionsoft as well as 100, 000 for Ontraport. In case you have 5000 contacts then you can send 5 emails every month on Infusionsoft which is why less than required for effective email marketing.


However, ActiveCampaign prices start from $9/month on the Lite plan where you get unlimited emails for 500 contacts. Also, there is a plan where you can pay $5/month for around 5000 contacts along with unlimited emails in comparison to Infusionsoft’s $299 for 5000 contacts with only 25000 emails.


If you are beginning with email marketing then there is no benefit to going with Infusionsoft as well as Ontraport as they will confuse you and will cost you a lot. Whereas with ActiveCampaign you easily start small but with amazing pricing as well as advanced features.


There is no doubt about the fact that ActiveCampaign is also not perfect as there are no built-in e-commerce or shopping cart features of Ontraport as well as Infusionsoft. But that is no big issue for me.


Overall, if you are someone starting with email marketing or are looking for a system with advanced automation then ActiveCampaign is the best option for you. Plus, you can get a 14-day free trial.