Helly Juell Hansen, is known to be a lost cause from the age of 14 but in 1877, at the age of 35, he and his wife, Maren Margarethe created one of the best oilskin coats, pants, coverings, as well as sou’westers with the help of coarse material which is known to absorb linseed oil. In the first 5 years, the brand only sold 10,000 pieces.

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Helly Hansen
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In the year 1878, the organization got recognition for greatness at the prestigious Paris Expo and later started to trade its items.


After the demise of Juell Hansen in the year 1914, the authority of the organization went to their child LeivHelly Hansen who was a shipper.


In the 1920s another texture came into existence which was called Linox. In the period of 30 years the name of Linox was moved to PVC which is polyvinyl chloride application. In the year 1949, there was a change for the brand when Helox came into existence. This was a clear sheet of PVC plastic then sewed into waterproof covers as well as caps. More than 30, 000 Helox coats were delivered and Plarex which is a heavy obligation rendition of Helox was meant for workwear.


Also, Fibrepile known as a protection layer meant to wear under waterproofs was created for open-air as well as workwear markets. Its layering story came to an end during the 1970s when there was an advancement of LIFA. It allowed the skin to be dry as well as warm which can be a great option for outside and workwear.


In the 1970s, the organization became famous for creating endurance suits for the laborers of seaward oil. In 1980, its breathable, as well as waterproof texture framework which is known as Helly Tech, was sent.


The clothing of Helly Hansen was fostered in metropolitan youth in the 1990s such as in northern England as well as in the US’s hip bounce culture. In the year 2008, it sent off Odin, which was a 3-layer emergence framework meant for mountain climbers. It also got the Red Dot Design Award the same year.


In 2012, the organization showcased its H2 flow technology along with an H2 flow jacket that manages the internal heat level.



Helly Hansen

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Here is the quick guide for it’s best-selling jackets

Helly Hansen


Things that you need to ponder upon while buying Ski jackets from Helly Hansen 


Helly Hansen

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There are some of the things that you need to ponder upon when buying the first or the second ski jacket from Helly Hansen.


  • Insulation – It translated to the great amount of body heat that can be restored to maintain the temperature of the body. To fight that, you need to have your hands on the thick jackets for winter conditions. Helly Hansen jackets are known to be thick and can keep the body warm.

Also, they are versatile and have all kinds of ski jackets, be they lightweight, breathable, or large jackets.


  • Ventilation – Ventilation is highly important to keep the heat out of the body. A lot of skiers can get warm up easily. This is the reason that ventilation is essential as it is beneficial to regulating the temperature of the body as well as off-gassing. All the jackets by Helly Hansen are extremely ventilated that have style as well as design.


  • Design and style – When it comes to design and style, Helly Hansen jackets prove that. There are a lot of durable jackets which can beat harsh weather conditions. The best thing about Helly Hansen is that its jackets are durable as well as stylish. They keep updating their collection.


  • Material – Ski jackets are perfect for rugged weather. There is no use of jackets with inferior material or quality. Helly Hansen is known for its ultimate quality material. However, the jackets are costly but they got ultimate quality material that will last long. They are known to use the best quality wool, linen as well as leather that offers insulation as well as ventilation properties.


  • Budget – There are not many ski jackets that can beat Helly Hansen jackets in terms of functionality and durability. These jackets fall under the category of premium and are meant for the skier who wants stylish, long-lasting, as well as durable jackets.




Frequently Asked Questions

Helly Hansen

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  • Can I use Helly Hansen ski jackets for hiking?

The jackets by Helly Hansen are known to be durable and are designed to face extreme conditions. Also, they are perfect for hiking trips as they are waterproof as well as weatherproof. However, you can go for lightweight jackets.


  • Is there any chance that women can wear ski jackets for men?

Yes, every woman can wear ski jackets for men. However, they are designed for broad shoulders and thick waist. If a woman doesn’t have any problem with that then you can go for it.


  • Can you recommend any other ski jacket brands?

The jackets by Helly Hansen are premium ski jackets and come at steep prices. Also, North Face ski jackets are great and you can look for them.


Conclusion – Why Helly Hansen is the Best for ski jackets?  


The jackets by Helly Hansen are durable as well as weatherproof. In my opinion, out of all, the Helly Hansen Alpha Ski jacket is the best and is the best suitable for skiers. Also, its price can be slightly hefty but it is worth it. If you are finding something for moderate winters then you can go for Fernie 2.0 which is affordable too.


The women can try the HellyHanen Spirit ski jacket that offers comfort as well as safety along with great style. However, it comes to the preference of the shopper, weather, as well as budget.