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Lenskart Review

Lenskart offers the trendiest of eyeglasses ranging from Rayban frames to Aviator shades. Designed with a modern twist, this eyewear company specializes in prescription optics and sun-specs.

Over the years, Lenskart has amassed a cult following for its stylish lenses, including its 630k count on Instagram. They’re also featured in several media outlets, such as TechCrunch, Bloomberg, and CNBC.

On the hunt for some new specs? Perhaps this brand can offer you a stylish alternative. Keep reading, as this Lenskart review provides a comprehensive look at the company, its products, customer ratings, promotions, and more, to help you decide if they’re worth checking out.

Overview of Lenskart

Lenskart Review

Here’s an unfortunate truth: nearly a third of India’s population require prescription lenses, and most of them can’t afford a pair. Founders Peyush Bansal, Amit Chaudhary, and Sumeet Kapahi squinted at this dire fact.

How is it that a large amount of India’s demographic is barred from clear vision? In an effort to address the problem, the trio decided to establish its own eyewear business in 2010.

Headquartered in New Delhi, India, Lenskart became a hub for premium specs available at an affordable price. Fashionable and reliable, customers don’t need to settle for less when it comes to prescription lenses.

In order to ensure product quality, they cut out the middle man—as the brand owns an in-house robotic manufacturing facility within their base location. Today, Lenskart is now available in the U.S and they continue to be a front leader in the eyewear industry, as they typically serve over 1 million customers a month.

Before we get into this Lenskart review, let’s go over some initial highlights:


  • A wide selection of prescription lenses and sunglasses for women, men, and children
  • Reasonable prices
  • Offers a virtual try-on feature within its product descriptions
  • Provides a 1-year warranty for their eyewear
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • Now available in the U.S

Lenskart Review

If you rely on eyeglasses to see, you’re probably familiar with the frustrating mess of buying spectacles. Stylish designs are often expensive. On the other hand, cheaper alternatives are usually ugly and flimsy in quality.

Neither option is worth the money, but you can’t just walk out of the store blind. Fortunately, there are better ways to shop for affordable yet fashionable optics—which leads us to the main star of this article, Lenskart.

With designs available for men, women, and children, this eyewear company carries prescription lenses, sunglasses, magnetic clip-ons, and more. While you’re free to browse through their selection, this Lenskart review will spotlight a few of the brand’s best-selling models.

Lenskart Glasses for Men Review

Let’s go with the stereotype. Eyeglasses can make you look mysterious, smart, and sexy. I mean, have you seen Tom Holland wearing a pair in Spider-Man: Far From Home? Offered for wannabe Peter Parkers or Tom Cruises, this Lenskart review will feature the brand’s top-selling specs in the men’s section.

Lenskart Andy Gold Aviator Glasses Review

Lenskart Review

It’s the year 1986. Top Gun is the hottest movie of the year, and you just finished the 9 pm showing at the local theatre. In an effort to match Tom Cruise, you opt for a naval-themed bomber jacket with decorated patches. And, of course, no look is complete without the Andy Gold Aviator Glasses.

Designed to look identical to Maverick’s pair, these gold-stained eyeglasses have a stainless steel rim and a classic top bar. If you’re not a fan of the color, this John Jacobs design is also available in muted grey.

Offered as a single vision, bifocal, or progressive prescription lens, live out your celebrity dreams with the Andy Gold Aviator Glasses for $75.

Lenskart Irving Black Silver Clubmaster Eyeglasses Review

Lenskart Review

The 1960s spelled rebellion, psychedelic music, and the sudden boom of hippie fashion. Known as the decade of jeans, paisley prints, and DIY tie-dye, no look was complete without a set of expressive specs.

For those who’d rather live in the early years of The Rolling Stones and The Beatles, the Irving Black Silver Clubmaster Eyeglasses can help you attain that retro look.

Offered in a thick, outer-brow frame, these Lenskart glasses can certainly make you look more alternative and rebellious. Made by the brand John Jacobs, the Black Silver Clubmaster Eyeglasses sell for $75. By the way, we’re awarding major points if you style them with a headband and a classic tunic top.

Lenskart Gatsby Pro Titanium Black Aviator Eyeglasses Review

Lenskart Review

I’m 100% sure Freddie Mercury would rock the Gatsby Pro Titanium Black Aviator Eyeglasses by Lenskart. Considered a slight homage to the iconic look of Queen’s leading singer, these stylish spectacles feature a thin titanium rim with a connecting top bar.

Simple and understated in design, this model offers a subtle retro feel that would go great with a white tank top. Don’t worry; these specs aren’t just made for looks. It’s offered as a single vision, bifocal, or progressive lens.

Also available in stone grey, the Gatsby Pro Titanium Black Aviator Eyeglasses from John Jacobs cost $85.

Lenskart Glasses for Women Review

Who said that eyeglasses aren’t meant for the red carpet? From Zoey Deschanel to Anna Wintour, specs can do wonders in showcasing a certain aesthetic or personality.

For trendsetters and aspiring celebrities, this Lenskart review will go through a few of the brand’s hottest eyewear picks in the women’s section.

Lenskart Red Cat Eye Full Rim Women Clip-on Eyeglasses Review

Lenskart Review

If you’re a long-time eyeglass wearer, the average pair of shades is nearly impossible to fasten on. Unless it’s made as a prescription lens, most of us just squint and look away when it comes to bright, sunny days. Fortunately, the Cat Eye Full Rim Women Clip-on Eyeglasses require no spectacle stacking.

Designed with a magnetic snap, switching over to sunglasses is as easy as turning on a light. Built with lightweight ultem as its frame material, opt for the Cat Eye Full Rim Women Clip-Eyeglasses in either red or black for $60.

Lenskart Black Cat Eye Full Rim Women Eyeglasses Review

Lenskart Review

The Black Cat Eye Full Rim Women Eyeglasses feature a funky geometric frame. Offered in a chunky outer-rim, this unique pair of spectacles embodies a slight quirky vibe perfect for bookworms and academics. For those who like to match their glasses with their outfit, we recommend wearing a pleated skirt and a sweater vest to really pull off that collegiate look.

Made out of pure acetate, these focals are available as a single vision, bifocal, or progressive lens. Created by Vincent Chase Online, the Cat Eye Full Rim Women Eyeglasses are priced at $50.

Lenskart Black Cat Eye Full Rim Women Eyeglasses Review

Lenskart Review

Considered the thinner version of the spectacles we reviewed previously, the Black Cat Eye Full Rim Women Eyeglasses offer a simplified look ideal for everyday use. Subtle and clean in design, this stylish pair can be worn in office settings, Zoom meetings, or casual evenings watching Netflix.

Available in matte black or rose gold, these stainless steel specs are also offered as a single vision, bifocal, or progessive lens. Ideally paired with Lenskart Rayban sunglasses in case of sunny days, the Black Cat Eye Full Rim Women Eyeglasses cost $50.

Lenskart Sunglasses for Men Review

Nothing looks cooler than a pair of sunglasses. From rectangular frames to hexagonal rims, this Lenskart review will take a look at two of their best-selling shades down below.

Lenskart Black Aviator Full Rim Unisex Sunglasses Review

Lenskart Review

I’m getting some serious Hunter S. Thompson vibes from the Black Aviator Full Rim Unisex Sunglasses from Vincent Chase. As a fashionable look of the ‘60s, these hippie-themed specs can help you look more reckless and alternative. Honestly, all you need is a patch-work button-down and a bucket hat to complete that Gonzo-inspired look.

Made with a sturdy metal frame, the Black Aviator Full Rim Unisex Sunglasses ring up to a total of $50.

Lenskart Brown Clubmaster Full Rim Unisex Sunglasses Review

Lenskart Review

The forecast calls for 30-degree heat and clear skies. It’s a perfect day to take a cruise down Venice Beach in your red Cadillac. The Brown Clubmaster Full Rim Unisex Sunglasses are best paired with a linen button and cargo shorts to match that classic Californian style.

Designed by Vincent Chase Polarized, these full rim specs feature a brown tortoise frame emblematic of L.A streetwear. If you’re an avid trendsetter, we recommend taking a look at the Lenskart vogue eyewear collection to pick up a few similar-looking models. Also available in a red lens, the Brown Clubmaster Full Rim Unisex Sunglasses cost $50.

Lenskart Sunglasses for Women Review

No summer wardrobe is complete without a set of sunnies. Depending on your aesthetic, this eyewear company carries a wide selection of stylish frames ranging from butterfly to aviator. Can’t decide on a pair? This Lenskart review will highlight two of their customer favorites that are definitely worth a second glance.

Lenskart Black Cat Eye Full Rim Women Sunglasses Review

Lenskart Review

Don’t get me wrong. Style is crucial when it comes to shades. With that being said, functionality is equally as important. There’s no use in looking good if you can’t see properly. Fortunately, the Black Cat Eye Full Rim Women Sunglasses offer a chic design that’s both practical and pretty to use.

Built as a polarized lens, these Vincent Chase sunnies reduce glare, enhance contrast, heighten visual depth, and deflect harmful UV light. Available in 4 different shade colors and frames, opt for the Black Cat Eye Full Rim Women Sunglasses in your next outdoor excursion for $50.

Lenskart Gold Cat Eye Full Rim Women Sunglasses Review

Lenskart Review

Perfect for wine-tasting sessions or lake house cottage getaways, the Gold Cat Eye Full Rim Women Sunglasses are practically made for summer. Made with a stainless steel rim, these fashionable specs come with UV protection in case of cloud-free afternoons.

We highly recommend wearing these sunnies with a floral midi dress, flats, and a jean jacket to really complete that bachelorette-esque look. Available in different colors and lens grades, the Gold Cat Eye Full Rim Women Sunglasses cost a cool $50.

Does Lenskart Have The First Frame Free?

Lenskart Review

Everyone loves a good deal. Fortunately, Lenskart is offering a BOGO promotion for all of its frames. As of now, this promotion is available across all countries.

What Lenses Does Lenskart Use?

Lenskart Review

Lenskart offers a wide variety of lenses. This includes single vision, bifocal, progressive, transition, and blue light optics. We highly suggest looking up the item description for your chosen product for more information.

Who is Lenskart for?

Lenskart Review

Compared to luxury eyewear and department store frames, Lenskart is suited for those who like a solid balance between quality and affordability. They don’t carry designer brands, which lends itself as a more cost-effective option. On the other hand, the brand doesn’t sacrifice style either, so you aren’t stuck with an ugly pair of optics in the name of practicality.

Comparison: Lenskart vs. Warby Parker

Lenskart Review

So, you’re in the market for a new pair of sunnies. Is Lenskart really the best option when it comes to affordable eyewear? There’s only one way to find out.

In this special segment, we’ll feature a side-by-side comparison of Lenskart versus Warby Parker, which is another optical lens brand. Let’s get started.


  • Offers a wide variety of prescription lenses and sunglasses on its website
  • Reasonable prices
  • Provides a virtual try-on service on each item description
  • Sells in-house brands such as Vincent Chase and John Jacobs

Warby Parker:

  • Offers in-house eyeglasses and sunglasses
  • Reasonable prices
  • Provides useful resources such as a prescription guide
  • Better luck next time, Warby Parker. Due to its company perks and accessibility, Lenskart is our winning victor.
  • In addition, it’s hard to ignore Lenskart’s virtual try-on service. It acts as a critical feature since there’s no way to wear their glasses in person.

Lenskart Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Lenskart Review

Don’t be tempted to make a blind purchase. This Lenskart review put on its best analytical specs to see if this eyewear brand is worth your money.

We did find some sources that hold promising reviews. This includes websites such as Trustpilot and Sitejabber. Their ratings go as follows:

  • Trustpilot: 50k reviews with 4.1/5 stars
  • Sitejabber: 48 reviews with 3.3/5 stars

So far, it’s yeses all around. A majority of customers praised the brand’s large collection of stylish eyewear. Others commended its affordability and quality, while some gave two thumbs up towards their speedy delivery times.

“I was extremely happy with the product and how well the prescription worked. The price is sooo much better than anywhere else I checked. I will buy it again,” one Trustpilot user wrote.

Some independent blogs, such as Techmesto, left a fair review of Lenskart eyewear. Based on their shopping experience, the brand’s customer service proved helpful in addressing any concerns.

“The customer service staff of Lenskart left me with no questions unanswered. Before making my purchase, I contacted them multiple times via the ‘Live Chat’ support option and the support staff seemed Knowledgeable and were prompt to answer my queries,” reads the Lenskart review by Techmesto.

Fortunately, the number of positive customer feedback overshadows any negative reviews. As a result, this Lenskart review openly recommends this brand.

Is Lenskart Worth It?

Lenskart Review

With hundreds of reputable eyewear brands out there, Lenskart manages to carve itself a piece of the pie with its great customer service and exceptional products.

We definitely recommend Lenskart for anyone who is searching for a new reliable eyewear brand.

Lenskart Promotions & Discounts

Lenskart Review

As we mentioned before, the brand is hosting a BOGO promotion for all of its frames, so be sure to check this out!

From what we’ve gathered so far, it seems that they provide other discounts and sales on its Indian page. So we suggest visiting the site for more Lenskart coupons and promo codes.

Where to Buy Lenskart

Lenskart Review

Looking to buy some Lenskart aqualens for yourself? Customers can buy their eyewear exclusively at lenskart.com.


Lenskart Review

Where is Lenskart made?

According to the brand’s official website, Lenskart eyewear is made in their manufacturing facility in New Delhi, India.

What is Lenskart’s Shipping Policy?

This Lenskart review is happy to report that they offer free worldwide shipping on all orders. According to its delivery policy, packages may take 5 to 50 days to arrive, depending on the lens. To help monitor the status of your purchase, the brand will issue a tracking number via a confirmation email.

What is Lenskart’s Return Policy?

Lenskart offers a 14-day return window for customers to send back their orders. It’s worth noting that they provide a 1-year warranty for most of its products. For more information on this, or to initiate the process, buyers can contact the company’s customer service team.