Online shopping has taken the world by storm because – let’s be honest – who wants to leave the house to go to a store? Mini in the box dismantles that process entirely with its diverse and deep product selection that it ships to nearly every continent and country.

They have over 26k followers on instagram, numerous sales, and more items available that you can count with all the fingers in the world.

In this mini in the box review, i will look at a few of their products as well as the brand’s customer reception so you can find out if you should shop with them.

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Overview Of Mini In The Box

Since 2006, mini in the box has served both customers and retailers as a stand-out e-commerce entity. They want to satisfy shoppers and distributors by connecting both parties in the most sensible way.

Their methods have allowed them to establish close relationships with manufacturers. Thus, they can ship directly from producers to customers, eliminating the need for a tertiary party in-between.

They’ve also partnered with dhl to ensure speedy delivery.

Mini in the box’s reputation has allowed them to develop their endlessly blossoming catalog to massive proportions. They claim that over 100 new products are added to their site every day.

Before i get deeper into what products you can find on their website, let’s check out some of the brand’s highlights in the next section of this mini in the box review.


  • Overwhelmingly large selection of products
  • Multiple product categories
  • No middle-man involved in interactions
  • Free shipping on certain products
  • International shipping options

The number of items you can find through this brand vastly outweighs the scope of this mini in the box review. A few of the types of products you can purchase through mini in the box are as follows:

  • Men’s fashion
  • Women’s fashion
  • Phone cases
  • Home and garden decor
  • Lighting accessories
  • Beauty products
  • Hair care
  • Shoes
  • Bags

I could go on because i’m barely scratching the surface here. The takeaway is that if it’s a consumer good then mini in the box likely carries it.

Mini In The Box Products Review

Rather than use this mini in the box review to cover everything available on the company’s website, i’m going to cover a few of their best-selling products from a couple of different categories.

Mini In The Box Car LED Strobe / Flashing Light Bulbs 0.5 W 48 For universal All Models All years 1pcs