Unbounce Review

It’s always cumbersome for most websites to create stunning landing pages without spending much time or effort. In fact, for BestSchemes also it’s quite a task for a marketing team to get catchy landing pages with every new line of products. It’s quite a challenge for developers to update new products so that the marketing team promotes them via brand new landing pages. However, it’s difficult to not only develop an eye-catching landing page but running and optimize them to gain maximum profits. There are many landing page builders in the market today promising to design and monitor landing pages effortlessly.

Recently, we came across Unbounce to help release the brand new bestschemes, Serene. We were surprised by it’s performance. In fact, it’s the best landing page builder that offers an all-around performance without giving any inconvenience.

Here is the in-depth review of using Unbounce. Let’s quickly take a look at it’s user interface, features, pros, cons, shortcomings, etc.


Why We Opted For Unbounce To Create Landing Pages?

First off, Unbounce is quite impressive in it’s user-friendly nature. It doesn’t take much time to create landing pages. And, this feature actually helped us to pick it without thinking twice.

We were not able to launch new products just because of the scarcity of eye-catching landing pages. We knew that landing pages are required to release and promote new products on a big platform or scale. Hence, we were looking for a quick and effective landing page builder that can design performance-driven landing pages to promote brand new products. So, we chose Unbounce to:

  • To get quick landing pages without affecting the quality, we chose Unbounce. And, we are thoroughly satisfied with it’s performance.

Hence, to get quick landing pages without affecting the quality, we chose Unbounce. And, we are thoroughly satisfied with it’s performance. So, we gave our marketing team a spectacular tool to create landing pages without beating around the bush.


  • Testing and optimizing landing pages are important processes. Unbounce does it very well because it comes with unlimited A/B testing across all the plans. It also comes with Dynamic Text Replacement that helps in personalization.
  • Unlike other landing page builders, Unbounce is a conversion-free platform which means one doesn’t need to spend extra bucks in buying tools to convert traffic into leads. It has multiple in-built tools to acquire potential leads and AI features.




  • It quickly creates landing pages
  • It doesn’t take much time in creating variants for testing
  • It offers amazing templates
  • It’s incredibly customizable
  • It offers a smooth split testing function


  • Form builder needs improvement
  • One can’t add custom classes to buttons



Unbounce broadly offers:

  • Stunning landing pages with a quick creation process: With the help of a drag-and-drop builder anyone can make a stunning landing page without needing any technical skills.
  • It offers over 100 templates: One can find out various templates to create a landing page without facing any problems. With the help of Clone and Edit, Copy and Paste, Full Control, and Quick Publishing options, it allows smooth landing page creation.
  • It also comes with Popups and Sticky Bars: To boost conversions, one can use Popups and Sticky Bars to enhance the conversion.
  • It comes with A/B Testing: Many other landing pages offer this feature in premium plans. But Unbounce offers it across all plans within a few clicks to enhance the performance of your landing pages.
  • It offers reports and analytics: One can get a good insight into the performance of their landing pages. Just get your website tracking ID and Google Analytics to get into Script Manager right in the Settings to start tracking.
  • It offers a Smart Traffic feature: It is nothing short of an AI-driven conversion tool that automatically refines the visitors’ list on the basis of their requirements, attributes, etc to divert them to the relevant landing pages. It helps in getting refined traffic and potential leads.
  • It offers AMP landing pages: AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages which helps in making the website faster and better for mobile users.


Plans & Pricing


Unbounce broadly offers 3 plans:

  • Essential: It costs $79 per month
  • Premium: it costs $159 per month
  • Enterprise: It costs over $399 per month.



How Did We Use Unbounce?

At Bestschemes, we used Unbounce to:

  • Create the first landing page
  • Publish the landing page right on our WordPress-powered website
  • Integrate it with our very own CRM
  • Run the first A/B test
  • Use popups and sticky bars


Final Thoughts

Unbounce is worth every penny. After using it for a while to create performance-driven landing pages, we highly recommend it to everyone. It’s comparatively affordable, offers amazing integration, has a simple interface, and comes with multiple features.