If you are planning to enroll yourself in National Car Rental’s Emerald Club loyalty program then there are chances to save some money and enjoy the benefits of renting a car.

Emerald Club is completely free to join which is why becoming a member takes a simple effort. This is best if you want to book with National as well as want to save extra money, upgrades, etc.

The working of the National Emerald Club 

Just like any rental car loyalty program, Emerald clubs provide extra benefits like upgrades as well as free rental days. It is designed to offer frequent renters some privileges to have a great and smooth rental car experience.


Also, if you want to do some savings and want efficiency and convenience while renting cars then joining Emerald Club can prove to be the best decision.

The elite status of the National Emerald Club 

This loyalty program has three elite status tiers. You can attain the lowest level if you enroll yourself in the program plus you need to rack up the booking in case you want to achieve the higher level.

Status of Emerald Club Status 


After joining the National Emerald Club you can ultimately enjoy its entry-level tier which is Emerald Club Status. The biggest benefit of it is to start earning free rental days. You can also earn single rental credit every time you make a rental and after making seven rental credits you can easily redeem it for a single free rental day.


Other benefits include –


  • Emerald Aisle access which means when you are renting in the US or Canada, you choose a car of your choice in Emerald Aisle as well as pay the midsize rental rate.
  • No second driver fees
  • You can get a free one-car class upgrade if you are in the UK, France, Spain, Germany, as well as Ireland.
  • When you are renting via Enterprise you can get free rental day credits.
  • You get an emailed receipt and can drop off the car as well as leave.


Executive Status of Emerald Club 

This is a mid-tier status of the program which can be earned by 12 paid rentals or 40 paid rentals days in the entire year. You can still get one rental credit for every qualified car rental. However, it can take six credits for one rental day so that they can accrue fast.


Here are the benefits of Executive Status of Emerald Club-


  • Executive Area access – When you are in the US or Canada, you get the choice to select the fill-size and even above car option and you only need to pay the midsize rate.
  • You get a guaranteed free upgrade if you are renting at the midsize rate in both countries.
  • Reward types – You get a free rental day, often flyer miles, and even hotel rewards.

Executive Elite Status of Emerald Club 

After completing 25 paid rentals or 85 paid rental days in the year, you can achieve Executive Elite Status of Emerald Club. This is the top-tier status level where you can earn one rental credit for every qualified car rental. But it takes five credits for one free rental day and it is beneficial to book any car class with no blackout dates.


Here are some of the benefits of this status-


  • Up to full size a guaranteed car only if you are booking midsize rate in the US as well as Canada. This should be done 24 hours in advance.
  • You can get your rental car delivered in highly private airports but it should be 50 miles from the rental center.

Its airline as well as hotel partners 

If you are interested to rack up airline miles as well as hotel points in place of free rental days then you can also get the option to get with the airline as well as hotel partners. Every time you qualify, you select the option of rewards at 13 airline partners as well as three hotel partners.

Airline partners

Here is a full list of National Emerald Club’s airline partners and what you’ll earn.

  • ANA: 50 credits per day (max 300).
  • Air China: 800 kilometers per rental.
  • Alaska Airlines: 50 miles per day.
  • American Airlines: 50 miles per day.
  • Asia Miles: 500 miles per rental.
  • Asiana Airlines: 500 miles per rental.
  • Delta Air Lines: 500 miles per rental.
  • Eva Air: 500 miles per rental.
  • Frontier: 50 miles per day (max 500).
  • Korean Air: 500 miles per rental.
  • Lufthansa.
  • Southwest Airlines: 600 miles per rental.
  • Sun Country: 600 miles per rental.

Hotel partners

  1. Best Western: 3 points per $1.
  2. Hilton Honors: 500 points per rental.

Be careful of surcharges 

There is only one limitation to earning airline miles as well as hotel points which is to incur a surcharge that can vary by partner.

The right way of redeeming National Emerald Club points

It is essential to understand the way to improve your free rental days. This depends on the elite status level that you have, it can cost from five to seven rental credits for every free rental day. Also, free rental days are known to cover the base rate without including taxes or fees.

To get the best out of your credits, you can redeem them in luxurious rental areas or during the time when base rates are very high.

Is it worth buying the insurance plan of the National Emerald Club Program?

When we talk about rental car insurance, having your hands on the credit cards which can offer primary car rental insurance is the best way to save some money and get covered up during unexpected days.


However, if you are into a card that provides car rental insurance then it is essential to learn about credit cards for rental cars.


Is it worth joining its loyalty program? 

If you are into booking car rentals with National then it is completely worth enrolling in the Free Emerald Club Loyalty program. As a member of it, you can rack up free car rentals, get extra discounts, save time, as well as can get car upgrades.


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