The first time I walked into Maurices, I was hesitant. After all, it wasn’t Target one of my usual shopping stops. My first impression was pretty mild. It looked like decent clothes, but nothing jumped out at me. However, the more I looked around, the more I liked it. Suddenly, for the first time, I had a Maurices Moment.

What is a Maurices Moment, you ask? It’s something that has happened to me many times since. It’s the moment when I’m walking through Maurices and suddenly I start seeing things I like…lots of them. And pretty soon, the sweet sales lady asks to put my pile of treasures in a fitting room for me and writes my name on one of those cute dry erase boards on the fitting room door. After many more Maurices Moments, Maurices has become one of my favorite places to shop. Here are 5 things I love about Maurices:


I have been to Maurice’s many times now (two different locations) and every time I’ve received excellent customer service. The employees are friendly, available and helpful. Once I even bought a dress, took it home and removed the tags, wore it, noticed a hole in the side and took it back. They gave me a full refund, even though I couldn’t prove that I hadn’t ripped it myself, and even though I had removed the tags. They were very nice about it and seemed happy to help. They also practically throw coupons at you when you check out!


I wouldn’t consider Maurices to be “cheap”, but they are fair priced. An average dress is about $40, jeans typically start at $29 and blouses at $24. They also have shoes and accessories. These $29 sling-backs are adorable, and I’m currently wearing this sweet $12 headband for the millionth time since Christmas!

3. SIZES 1-24

I think it’s great that they carry so many different sizes. In my experience, every Maurices has a large plus-size section. Clothes seem to run true to size.


Sometimes I walk into Maurices and find too many things I love. Other times, I just find a couple of cute things. The thing is, they have multiple styles and so they don’t suit my taste 100% of the time. They have some really classy pieces that entice this Hepburn wannabe (like this belted dress in grey), spiffy business wear fit for a city slicker (such as this tweed and leather moto jacket) and some just plain cute casual wear (like this tee!)


Did I mention that they’re always having sales?! If there’s not a Maurices near you, go to their website and check out there latest deals. I rarely pay full price!