Weebly is known to be the best option to get a website up as well as running within an hour. This is a highly renowned brand that is growing at a great pace. The company was started in the year 2006 and since then its owners are continuously upgrading as well as made new changes to its core software or better functionality. This complete review of Weebly will help you know about it in a better way.



What is Weebly? 

If anyone wants to explain Weebly in one word then it is simplicity. Weebly is a web hosting service that offers its users convenience as well as value. This platform works as a great functional unit. The content, layout, as well as design, are all drag-and-drop. However, the competitors of this platform are different.

Amazing features of Weebly 


The features offered by this platform to its users are diverse as well as useful. It offers domain name, various navigation levels, SEO capabilities, monetization, a blog, and newsletter tools, to add HTML code, great storage space, widgets, backup abilities, amazing support, password protection, and a lot more.


Details related to Weebly features 


The major difference is in the price. Users can get free domains for the initial year but after that, they have to pay $19.95. Also, there is an issue with importing your own domain.


However, the platform supports small and big websites which is why there great navigation depth and amazing widgets. Also, you can get the chance to use Google AdSense as well as banner ads. The shopping cart is easy to use including SSL encryption as well as payment options.


The SEO options are great and have great shipping, and inventory management, as well as a tax calculator for people who don’t ponder much on math. However, for bloggers, you can schedule the posts, and integrate them with social media platforms.


With this platform’s free plan, you get the basic statistics tools whereas in paid plan there are better statistics plans. On the pro plan, there is a chance to use password protect single pages as well as the complete site. You can even share your site with some people. There is no storage limit on any paid plan. However, for the plan, the individual files should be less than 10MB but on the pro plan, the files should be 250MB.


Templates and designs by Weebly 


The platform offers amazing common as well as unique layouts for page design. You can get basic as well as stylish layouts that are mobile and tablet responsive plus you can add any video or animation backgrounds. Plus, there is an option to source code to edit the templates.


But there is a limitation f placement. There can be an issue to drag any item and sometimes the item can bounce to the original location. However, ‘sections’ are known to be versatile elements that allow to select options like gallery, menu, team, contact, as well as featured. There is an option to drag and drop any section on the page and you can resize it.


To customize any theme there is only an option to alter the text display. It is simple to change the spacing, size, color, etc. of any text to build the site. But you cannot change the color palette of any theme.


Weebly Integrations 


You can locate the app and install it with the help of the Weebly editor. There is a great collection of services as well as an app along with ones that are designed for calendars, menu integration, etc.


Mobile features offered by Weebly 


It is simple to create a mobile app with the help of this platform. The theme works on every mobile device. There are various apps that are designed for iOS as well as Android. The visual editor offers simple drag-and-drop functionality while working on a template. The preview option offers to see the site.


Customer service by Weebly 


It offers live chat, and email support, as well as a help center. There is also an option of phone support.


Weebly SEO 


All the users of Weebly can customize ALT texts, titles, meta descriptions, etc. There is also an option to edit URLs.


The security offered by Weebly 


It offers strong passwords, as well as some plans, including SSL encryption. You can manually manage the restore as well as backup functions. You can even save the files in zip format.


Sell digital products with Weebly 

With the business and business plus a plan of Weebly, there I an option to sell digital products with a file of 3GB. You can even accept credit cards, Stripe, and other international currencies. The platform handles the delivery.


Pricing offered by Weebly 


There are two basic pricing plans which are for websites and online stores.

For websites, it offers one free plan, a connect plan of $5, a Pro plan of $12, and a Business plan of $25.


Whereas the online store plans are pro plan for $12, business plan for $25, and business pro plan for $38.


Pros of Weebly 


  • This is best for small businesses who want functional as well as professional-looking sites. It has great tools and is convenient to build online stores and sites within an hour.
  • There are many templates, basic and stylish. There is also an option to customize the theme.
  • The SEO guide is beneficial in guiding in the right direction.


Cons of Weebly 


  • The platform does not have an ADI option.
  • In case you have any disaster hit then you need to contact the Weebly team to restore the site.
  • The drag-and-drop option is not that great as it needs you to be good with coding or settle with the existing templates.




  • Is it possible to purchase a domain name from Weebly?

Yes, and you can even use their free domain that includes suffix.


  • Is there any option to get a free plan for online stores?

No, but you can buy a pro, business plan, or business pro plan.


  • Is there any option to a setup email account with this platform?

The platform uses G suite email but you need to have a domain pointed at the platform or buy from them so that G suite email functionality can be used.




If you want decent functionality then this is the best choice as you don’t need to change any platforms or seek any expert for coding. There is also an eCommerce function and it is affordable too. But there are some individual transaction fees.