HubSpot released its free CRM which is Customer Relationship Management as well as Sales tools in the year 2014. They added a great dimension to its offerings as well as value. Also, they expanded the effects of its marketing into sales and even customer service.


This review will help you know about HubSpot CRM as well as Sales tools plus every pros and cons of it.


HubSpot CRM – Pros and Cons 



  • It’s free

As per HubSpot, the CRM will be of no cost for a lifetime even if you are not a HubSpot customer. Also, it includes unlimited users and can include the entire team.


  • Live Chat (came in 2018)

HubSpot released its Live Chat tools to its users, not matter, free or paid. It is easy to set up as well as manage plus you get chatbot functionality to allow online visitors as well as customers to experience the next level.

With HubSpot tools paid levels you can get the chance to customize as well as manage live chat plus incoming inquiries.


  • Better insights

It tracks customer interactions automatically, offering insights into customer behavior and making it easy to follow up. Also with Gmail as well as Outlook extensions, you can track email opens as well as check how are interacting with all the emails.


  • No customization limits

HubSpot allows customizing everything related to your brand as well as a specific sales process. Also, HubSpot CRM is connected with HubSpot marketing tools that offer a smooth transition of leads from marketing to sales which makes easy communication of data.


  • Use with other CRMs

HubSpot CRM is simple and highly functional but Salesforce is beneficial for other needs. Fortunately, HubSpot CRM doesn’t affect if your organization or business is doing anything with other CRM platforms. They can be integrated into HubSpot easily.




  • Relatively New

As compared to other CRM players, HubSpot CRM is new and there are some feature limitations. But its emphasis on research as well as the development has benefited in other qualms and updates are also being made regularly.


  • Lightweight

No wonder, it is amazing to grow your business and organization but a big sales team might not find it highly advanced yet.


  • No flexibility

As compared to other CRMs, this platform is inflexible. There are some features you can customize with your team’s processes as well as needs. But organizations with complex sales processes don’t find it flexible.


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HubSpot CRM vs Salesforce


As per HubSpot, the CRM is not designed to compete with Salesforce. However, it is meant for companies that have not used CRM ever and want to use it plus find Salesforce powerful to complete their needs.


If you are looking to grow your company and want a lightweight CRM to improve the organization as well sales efficiency and create closed-loop reporting on sales, etc. then HubSpot CRM is the best option for you. But if you want an enterprise-wide ecosystem in one platform then you should go for Salesforce.


Sales tools of HubSpot 


There are many basic tools offered by HubSpot CRM. However, you can start with Sales Tools too.


Here are the pros and cons of Sales Tools that can give you some clarity.

HubSpot’s Sales tools include email templates, sequences, documents, tasks, snippets, prospects, and a lot more.


Also, in 2018 HubSpot announced its new Sales Hub Enterprise which makes its sales tools very appealing.


The benefit of this is that is free of cost and scales up as you grow.

HubSpot’s most tools are for free but for $50 per user/month. You can choose starter accounts with some higher limits as well as premium tools.


After getting to professional as well as enterprise-level accounts then you can unlock features.



  • Work from inside the inbox/ HubSpot

HubSpot’s sales tools live in the inbox. Plus, HubSpot CRM, as well as Sales tools, can replace the inbox together. By connecting HubSpot to your email account of yours, you can send as well as receive emails within the HubSpot contact record.


  • Syncs better with other HubSpot hubs

HubSpots’ sales tools work amazingly with HubSpot marketing, contacts, and other software.




  • No powerful as HubSpot marketing

HubSpot marketing software is amazing and their sales tools offer a new collection of convenient as well as beneficial tools. However, they historically lack advanced functionality.