Intego – a multifunctional security software for your macOS

Intego is a security solution for macOS and Mac OS X computers and protects against various threats such as adware, spyware, Trojans, scareware, but also against online scams and phishing attempts. Intego developers have been in the security industry since 1997 and have plenty of experience to provide comprehensive protection when choosing to purchase Mac Internet Security X9 or Mac Premium Bundle X9, which are available at an affordable price .

In addition to the essential protection against malware, Integos Mac Internet Security is equipped with an arsenal of additional protection functions, including anti-spam, anti-phishing, data protection, a firewall and data backup. Any suspicious or malicious components that get inside the macOS computer will undoubtedly be terminated immediately.

In this Intego review, we’ll try to explain why you might need Intego’s Mac Internet Security Suite, how it protects your device, how much it costs, and what benefits it offers.

Intego for the best protection against malware and numerous other types of viruses

The Intego antivirus has been around for years, although many Mac users have believed that this platform does not require additional security tools as it is already protected by the built-in defense mechanisms. Macs are actually considered to be more secure when compared to devices with Windows as their operating system. Apple devices take advantage of features like Gatekeeper (prevents the installation of unauthorized software) and XProtect – which were initially sufficient to combat all of the unwanted software trying to get into Mac computers.

However, with the growing popularity of Apple products, it has caught the interest of cyber criminals. According to the latest statistics in Malwarebyte’s State of Malware report, Mac threats grew faster than Windows malware in 2019. Among the new threats is the rise in malware droppers like OSX / Shlayer , which incidentally was found on 10% of Macs running Kaspersky security software. Trojans are extremely persistent and can bypass the built-in protection mechanisms by using a cryptographic digital signature.

Without tools like Intego, further Mac infections can occur, personal data can be passed on to unknown parties (cyber criminals) and financial losses can be suffered due to malware functions that allow attackers to log every keystroke on the keyboard. In other words, Intego Mac Internet Security is an essential tool in protecting against online threats.

Intego Overview: Origin and Intelligence of Malware Threats

Intego is currently one of the leading security companies developing anti-malware products for macOS. Founded in 1997 as a private company by CEO Laurent Marteau, it currently has headquarters in Seattle and additional offices in Washington, Austin, and overseas in Paris and Nagano. The company’s motto is:

The security of your Mac is our top priority

Over the years, Intego virus protection has built a positive reputation among users – Intego software runs on more than 2 million devices worldwide and protects its users from online threats. But that’s not the only contribution the company has made in the more than 20 years of its existence – Intego researchers like Joshua Long, Kirk McElhearn, Victor Agreda, Jr., and many others publish their research and regularly describe how various threats are handled on the company’s security blog.

If you’re looking for an application built on the knowledge of experts in the field, Intego for Mac is the application for you.

Make the right choice with Intego

Before you install Intego Mac Internet Security, you should decide what level of protection you need. There are two different options that you can choose from – Mac Internet Security X9 or Mac Premium Bundle X9.

  • If you want comprehensive protection with features like organizing your desktop, quick access to files, removing unnecessary duplicate files, and other optimization features, you should choose the Mac Premium Bundle X9. Prices for the bundle may vary as the company regularly offers discounts on its products – currently the bundle costs € 69.99 for a year / Mac.
  • Mac Internet Security X9 is the basic package and is great value for money – it is currently only $ 39.99 and includes all the features needed to protect Macs from all the bad guys on the internet, including unknown apps and devices, phishing -Campaigns and network interventions.


It’s also great that you don’t have to buy the package right away, as you are entitled to a 30-day trial period. If you are unsatisfied after or while using the application, you can uninstall Intego immediately. All you have to do is register online and download the installer for the 30-day trial period. Once you’ve purchased Intego for Mac and are a registered user, you will also receive free technical support by phone, email, or web form.

How to Install Intego and Its Features

Intego is easy to install – it only takes a few minutes. Simply start the installation program and follow the instructions on the screen. Once the installation is complete, you will be asked to choose between three different protection modes: simple , standard and strong .

Which option you choose depends a lot on your preferences. For example, if you know that you visit high-risk websites frequently or your system is already infected with a Mac virus, it is advisable to choose the maximum level of protection. However, Standard should be sufficient for most normal computer users.

Once you have selected your security level, a convenient overlay gives you detailed information about each of Intego’s features. If you are already familiar with these functions, you can easily deactivate the overlay with a click of the mouse. You are finally ready for your first scan!

Mac Internet Security X9’s antivirus protects against all types of threats

There are numerous anti-malware products out there, and while many of them are great security solutions, some are less secure and act as malware themselves. Applications such as Advanced Mac Cleaner or Mac Tweak,  for example, advertise anti-virus functions, but are in reality nothing more than useless programs that worry their users with false positive scan results in order to induce them to buy the software.

We therefore strongly recommend that you rely on tests carried out by independent laboratories – they test the capabilities of various antivirus programs and rate the tools based on protection, usability, and performance. Intego virus protection has been tested by many laboratories, including AV-Test and AV-Comparatives, which confirmed that the application was able to identify 100% of the malware tested and render it harmless.

You can count on the following Intego modules to protect you at all times:

  • ContentBarrier
  • NetBarrier
  • VirusBarrier

The software is able to protect against drive-by downloads, malicious social media links, phishing emails and infected USB sticks, both against Windows and Mac malware. As soon as threats are found on the system, Intego Mac Internet Security quarantines and removes them. Should any type of system damage occur during this process, the program will repair it immediately. 

In addition to protecting the system from malicious software, Intego is also able to stop most potentially unwanted programs downloaded from unofficial sources such as torrent sites. We would like to point out that adware was the leading type of Mac malware and threats of this type have only increased in recent years. 

For additional security, you can also use NetBarrier – an effective firewall that prevents attackers from accessing your network. It has three different modes:  public hotspot , work and home . Advanced users can independently change permissions and grant exceptions. However, the default settings are perfect for the less IT-savvy user.

Additional functions from Intego virus protection

Intego’s antivirus program is packed with various features that are not just about protecting against malware. Several more features are included in the application’s premium suite, including:

  • Personal Backup is a feature that makes it easy to back up your most important files. While ransomware is not yet widespread on the Mac, some file-locking copies have been discovered – KeRanger, Patcher, and others. If you get infected with one of these viruses, you can say goodbye to your files forever – backups are the only salvation in such cases.
  • Mac Washing Machine is another great feature. It cleans up macOS systems of junk, file duplicates, caches, downloads, logs and other useless files. All of these actions can also be performed manually using the functions built into macOS. However, Intego enables everything in just a few clicks – quickly and efficiently.

Intego Assessment: Final Thoughts 

With this Intego review, we want to raise awareness among macOS users, as many are still convinced that no additional security measures are required. While Macs are sophisticated and contain many unique security features, it is important to remember that cyber criminals are always one step ahead and able to figure out how to bypass these built-in defenses.

Therefore, to stay safe online, equip your Mac with professional anti-malware. Intego not only gives you complete protection against threats, but also gives you access to other features to help clean your system and improve performance and speed. If for some reason you don’t like Intego, you can uninstall it in just a few clicks, so don’t hesitate to try the security tool.