Our Review after using Dreamstime

In 2006, I thought that it’s just any other startup that is not going to go far. But, I was wrong! It is now turned out to be one of the major microstock websites with over 49 million images as per the data collected till November 2016.


I really receive handsome income through my images that are being downloaded by people. However, it’s nothing exceptional of big. In fact, the sales have declined due to the bad acceptance rate on Dreamstime. The acceptance rate has drastically declined and most pictures get rejected that directly impacts the frequency rate and appearance of your pictures in the search results. Despite regular new uploads, the drop is evident and big.

One can easily check out the acceptance rate and drop rate from the statistics section of the website. However, one now needs to be very careful about what they are uploading to the website.


What About Royalties?

The best part of the brand is that it sells the basic pictures at a very affordable price. This has certainly led to their instant success. Contributors can also enjoy the bonus for their most sought-after pictures with the drastic jump in the number of downloads.


Hence, the royalty rates depend upon the popularity of the images and the number of times they are downloaded by users. Any popular image can easily earn 45% royalty. However, the less popular images can earn from 20% to none.

But, Dreamstime still offers a better platform and royalty to microstock photographers who want to sell their pictures quite often. If you are a regular and exclusive photographer then you can easily earn 60% royalty on sales and $0.20 for every new accepted picture on the platform.

Dreamstime Essential Tips for Uploaders

  • Dreamstime pays a lot of attention to the picture title in their search engine.
  • The platform ranks every image individually.
  • Pay attention to the image quality individually instead of focusing on multiple images.

Final Thoughts

It’s a highly recommended website to upload your pictures or a complete portfolio. The royalty rate is quite impressive. In fact, the website offers better volume sellers and different languages.

And, with the help of the European sales office, one can get automatic and extra reach to their picture portfolio.

Despite facing tough competition from it’s competitors like Canstockphoto, Dreamstime is consistently doing good work and paying well.