Are you really wasting your potential website traffic?

Is it hard for you to transform your website traffic into sales? It’s really very annoying to see traffic getting wasted without giving any results. If you are also struggling with the same problem then the only solution is to create high converting and performing landing pages. But not everyone can make amazing and productive landing pages that can convert traffic into potential leads to make sales.

Hence, here is an impressive tool called Leadpages that can transform your website traffic into leads. Those leads will surely bring a lot of money to your business.

Let’s now dive into the detailed review of Leadpages.

What Exactly Leadpages Does To Your Website Traffic?

Right now, it’s one of the most sought-after software to make productive landing pages in order to generate potential leads that can easily convert into sales. It’s a drag-and-drop editor to make impressive landing pages without making much effort. The tool will not only design amazing landing pages but also enhance your email subscriber list to a great extent.

Hence, Leadpages helps you to create:

–              Amazing landing pages to sell your products or services

–              Impressive webinars

–              Result proven leadboxes

–              Email signup forms to generate more leads


3 Reasons To Use Leadpages in 2022

It offers mobile-friendly templates

One can find out numerous templates that are performance and conversion-driven to create landing pages. Most templates are drag-and-drop hence one can easily design stunning landing pages without making much effort

–              Customize with a drag-and-drop tool

The best part is that almost every template of Leadpages can be customized without having any technical skills. Just use the drag-and-drop tool and get started to create impressive landing pages to sell products.

–              Smart lead capture pop-ups

Leadpages creates pop-ups very smartly to convert leads into sales without distraction or annoyance. Just create an email list and place the Pop-up right at the bottom of your content when a user is about to leave. The sticky toolbar greets a visitor with a box including an enticing offer. One can also launch a dedicated landing page to grab the lead smartly.

What’s the role of Leadboxes?

If you are not using a landing page, then you can grow your email list. Leadboxes helps you to grow your email list to a great extent to get more leads. You need to paste the code of Leadboxes to a WordPress site or any HTML or JavaScript site. Leadboxes can also help you to make content upgrades, expand your email list, and make popups.

How To Create Landing Pages With Leadpages?

Visit the dashboard

Once you create an account, visit the dashboard and click on your account to integrate your email service provider. Right after integrating your email service provider, you can create a landing page.


Make a custom leadpage

Leadpages offers multiple high-converting templates to generate leads. However, if you want to create a customized template then pick any template of your choice to start. Right after that, choose the page of your choice such as a webinar page or launch page, depending upon your product or service. The tool also gives a detailed tutorial wherein you can understand the design and all the conversion features.



Finally, publish your lead page

Once all the customizations are completed you can see the preview or save the lead page for future reference. And, in case you want to publish it then click on the ‘Publish’ tab.

You can publish the lead page on your WordPress site after installing the WordPress plugin. Also, you can publish the lead page to your server via downloading the HTML file.






When it comes to making enticing and productive landing pages, no one can beat Leadpages. With it’s impressive and result-proven features, easy-to-use interface, drag-and-drop tool, and stunning templates, one can create excellent landing pages effortlessly. The best part is that it’s quite affordable and doesn’t cause a dent in your pocket.