When you are onto the task of building your shiny new website, the most important and foremost thing to do is secure the domain name because it is through that name everyone is going to remember you. However, when that time comes you need to ponder upon the selection of domain name registrar. There are many domain name registrars available in the market but which is the best one is. So, after taking up the top five we have come to one winner. Namecheap topped the list with overall 38% votes. 


However, the second place was taken by Name.com with 29% votes cast and Hover took the third place with 28% votes. And the fourth place was taken by Gandi with 3% votes and the fifth place was taken by Dreamhost with less than 3% votes. 


It is essential to note that every contender of ours was put out there on Facebook, Twitter, as well as email to call their users to vote. Also, most of them changed their homepages as well as offered some exciting discount codes and others offered promotions like Namecheap. Whereas, Name.com offered discounts to acknowledge their customers.


The Hive Five was completely based on reader nominations. However, you can share your favorite one along with the proper reasoning. We would love to hear from you.