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Pandora is a prominent jewelry brand in the world that offers a wide range of contemporary and hand-made jewelry in various premium materials, including gold, silver, diamond, etc. It’s one of the most affordable jewelry brands that sell jewelry in over 100 countries via it’s over 7800 point of sale and 2400 concept stores. The brand was founded by Per Enevoldson and Winnie Liljeborg in 1982 and it’s headquarter is in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Currently, the brand has over 26000 employees working across it’s stores worldwide.

The brand is listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange with the stock name, PNDORA. The brand has been an inspiration for everyone. It has become a leading jewelry brand in the world from a local jewelry store, Danish Jeweler. Now, it’s serving in almost 70 countries and still counting.

The brand is committed to offering a high-quality range of jewelry to women and men across all categories and materials in various styles and designs without putting much stress on their pockets.

Overview of Pandora


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The brand is known as the world’s 3 most known jewelry brands via it’s total retail revenue. It’s an affordable luxury jewelry brand that has been serving 6 continents. It’s contemporary and hand-finished jewelry products are quite popular across the world.

The products are sold in more than 70 countries on six continents through over 10,300 points of sale, including around 900 concept stores.

Pandora operates on a large-scale model. It has in-house design and manufacturing units followed by worldwide marketing and distribution channels. With it’s worldwide presence, the brand leaves no stone unturned to offer the finest jewelry range to all types of buyers.

In the past decade, the brand has expanded it’s reach and presence to the international markets. It’s no longer a Scandinavian brand that offers online and offline stores restricted to Scandinavian countries. With its impeccable production and distribution channels in Thailand, the brand has been going strong with each passing day.


Who Should Buy Pandora Jewelry?


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The brand has a wide range of premium and fine jewelry for all age and budget groups. Precisely, it’s meant for people who want to gift someone a precious stone, diamond jewelry, gold necklace, or silver ring, or any other premium stone to celebrate a special occasion.

The brand is known for amplifying the happiness and celebration quotient for special days with it’s versatile range of jewelry. Whether it’s an anniversary, holiday, a special date, engagement, or birthday, the brand offers an extensive range of jewelry, accessories, and stone to make any occasion an unforgettable one.

Once you are going to read customers’ reviews you will easily come to know about the brand’s goodwill, sustainable and quality materials, designs, and customer service. The brand pays special attention to getting stones, etc from non-conflicting areas to save the planet and mining people.

What Do Customers Think About Pandora? Read Reviews


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If you have any doubts about the brand then the ratings on the leading review platforms will give you the best clarity. The brand is worth every penny and turns your money into a long-time investment.

  • Trust pilot: The brand gained 5/5 out of 1,485 reviews
  • Facebook: 5/5 stars from 19 reviews
  • Google: 4.8/5 stars from 82 reviews

The brand managed to score an incredible 5/5 star rating on Trustpilot. Many customers have spoken about it’s flawless customer service, quality, and fast shipping.


Out of 1,485 reviews that scored 5/5 stars, one customer said: “My fiancée and I both purchased engagement rings from Pandora. Both rings are stunning and come beautifully packaged. They also have valuation certificates. The order delivery was very speedy. Hence, highly moved and pleased with the brand’s products and service.”

Another amazing review from Trust pilot gave thumbs up to the brand’s exceptional service. A 5-star review wrote:

“Brilliant service. Booked an appointment in Manchester and Tracey was extremely patient and helpful whilst I chose the ring. Every inquiry I had was dealt with within minutes via email. The ring was delivered on time and met my expectations. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks again, Tracey.”


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When it comes to FaceBook, the brand has earned many good reviews that have been written by satisfied customers. Out of 19 reviews and 5/5 stars, one ecstatic client commented: “My wife bought me these beautiful diamond earrings and I love them. We purchased the eternity rings from Pandora almost 5 years ago. The quality and service are simply unbeatable.

Last but certainly not least, the brand’s retail location in London also got a raving review that’s become the talk of the town on Google.

The review has a rating of 4.8/5 stars out of 82 reviews, one 5-star reviewer remarked: “Purchased an engagement ring and two wedding bands from Pandora! Excellent customer service throughout, high-quality rings, and the best diamonds! The prices are also hard to beat! Would recommend this place to anyone!”

Hence, the brand has earned a lot of good reviews, the trust of its loyal customers, and goodwill that are quite hard to earn within a short period of time. It’s impeccable diamond collection makes everyone go weak in the knees all across the world.

Is It a Legit Jewelry Brand?


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Of course, yes! As we have already shown positive reviews about the brand, it’s collection, service, and after-sales support, one doesn’t need to worry a little about the brand’s authenticity. One can easily find it’s name online and offline all across the world.

With multiple in-stores in almost every country and a huge online store where one can easily purchase fine jewelry, the brand doesn’t need any publicity at all. It’s already become popular and a household name worldwide.

In fact, the brand has already surprised many customers with it’s speedy shipping service, round-the-clock after-sales support, and reward programs. It can simply turn your special occasion into the most memorable one.

Is the Jewelry Worth Your Money?


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The simple answer is, Yes! The brand is highly recommended to all those looking for timeless modern and artistic jewelry for any occasion. With such rich collections, designs, and styles, the brand leaves no stone unturned to satisfy every customer from every age group.

Apart from that, the brand has maintained quality across all it’s jewelry ranges and categories. There is no middleman in between that helps the brand to offer jaw-dropping prices on contemporary jewelry that comes within everyone’s budget.

Moreover, the brand has a family legacy behind it to offer the best quality without beating around the bush. With an experience and expertise of many years, the owners know how to procure and how offer the best jewelry while keeping the price reachable for customers from different walks of life.

That’s why the brand enjoys the positive reviews from all the four corners and easily satisfies customers with it’s impeccable range of fine jewelry.

Special Offers & Promotions


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Currently, the brand is offering:

–              Save 20% on select gift sets that are curated perfectly

–              Join Pandora Club to save 10% and discover more benefits

–              Create a custom gift set and save over 32%

From Where One Can Buy Jewelry?

One can purchase Pandora jewelry and accessories from any of it’s offline stores in various countries, or from an online store. For more information, visit the website and click on Store Locator.



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How to track the order?

Once the order is shipped from the warehouse, the tracking details are sent via email to the customer. One can easily track the order through it. However, tracking details will not be shared until the order is processed and shipped.

How to cancel the order?

Once the order is shipped it can’t be canceled. Hence, cancel it before it’s shipped. However, one can return the product once delivered. It can be returned within 30 days in unused condition.

However, products purchased during Clearance or special sales can’t be returned or exchanged. Also, Pandora gift cards are non-returnable for all customers.

What is Pandora’s return policy?

If you are not satisfied with the product or changed your mind then return it within 30 days of purchase. However, it should be in unused condition and with all the original tags. Shipping charges will be deducted and the refund will be credited within 7 business days.

You can also visit the nearest Pandora store to return or exchange the package.

What is Pandora’s exchange policy?

One can easily exchange the item within 30 days of purchase. Visit the US stores to exchange anything purchased via an online store. Make sure to bring the product in an unused form with all original tags intact and bill. However, the shipping cost is non-refundable.

How much time does the brand take to process the returns ?

Pandora takes over 10 business days to process the return request after receiving the package, and 5 days to initiate the refund to your original payment method.

However, the Afterpay refunds are handled via the Afterpay portal. Hence, one must contact Afterpay directly.