Do you like the idea of shopping without leaving your couch? A big yes! Fortunately, there is not even the need for a computer or mobile phone. All you need to do is change to a certain channel and get on a call to purchase your favorite item.

With QVC UK TV, you can relax and place orders and have different presenters presenting the latest products. If you don’t prefer buying via TV then QVC UK offers online shopping as well. With QVC UK, you can get many options.

QVC UK Review

Understand QVC UK TV

QVC UK TV is known to be a television-based shopping platform. If you are thinking about what QVC UK means then it stands for quality, value, as well as convenience. They show various programs to present various products to the viewers and this is done throughout the day.

People are awake at different times of the day and the same in the case of QVC UK TV. They have a schedule of 24 hours per day. No matter the time, you can switch on the TV and buy what you like.

But are you confused about what type of products are shown on the TV? Here are some of the categories:

  • Fashion & Accessories
  • Jewelry
  • Beauty
  • Home & Tech

They are not similar to Amazon which has tons of products but that also doesn’t mean that they have limited products.

What is offered by the QVC UK TV guide? 


QVC UK Review

It can be difficult to know when to switch on the TV to buy certain products. In this case, the QVC UK TV guide can be helpful. The TV guide is a tool that is great to know what is being broadcast depending on the time. You can get to know the daily as well as weekly layout for the program on the schedule of this guide.

By checking the calendar, you can get to know programming before seven days as well as six days before ahead of the existing day.

QVC UK TV is showing something every hour and its guide allows you to know what shows are going on plus you can get to know according to various categories. This can be helpful in narrowing down the search. As a viewer, you can even search the category or the presenter of a specific brand.

QVC UK TV – Popular items 

Moving toward the QVC UK website and the popular items listed on it. You can always go through the ‘Trending Now’ page on its menu. It allows you to go through every hot or latest product. This section keeps on changing and because of this, you need to keep checking it from time to time to know about popular items. Even if you don’t want to buy anything, this page can be useful to know what is grabbing the attention of people.

QVC UK Review

Is it safe to buy from QVC?

Yes, it is completely safe to buy from QVC UK. You will get all your purchased items delivered on time without any issues.

However, it is essential to keep in mind that people who have had bitter experiences always leave a review. But people who have average to a good experience with QVC UK, don’t often leave any feedback.

Thus, 61% which is nearly 500 reviews that can be seen on Trustpilot about QVC UK TV are negative. This can affect any average customer to buy from the company.

Here are some of the common reviews:

  • Not receiving packages
  • Difficulty with returning packages
  • Slow customer service
  • Broken or missing items

These issues can be annoying and when items are ordered via mail, they are nothing but out-of-the-ordinary. But you relax when ordering from QVC UK as they offer a 30-days money-back guarantee.

The authenticity of QVC products 

As per the reviews, the authenticity, as well as quality of QVC UK products, is not that satisfactory when left to online third-party review websites. But it is a relief that their products are known to be authentic.

However, there are also some unhappy customers but QVC UK does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and you always have the option of checking the reviews before making any purchase.

QVC UK Review

Value – Deals given by QVC

QVC UK has tons of deals that they advertise about its product categories. It is possible for customers to find most of the deals and the prices are even the same as some of the best e-commerce giants.

Somehow after the comparison, some of QVC UK’s prices match Amazon’s pricing. But there is a big difference when it comes to the clothing category.

QVC UK offers the best sales on selected products in the way of ‘toady’s special value’ which is also known as QVC UK TV.

There are also some attractive installment deals or ‘Easy Pays’. This can be a beneficial service for people who want to finance big purchases. However, customers have to pay the cost of postage as well as packaging which is known as ‘shipping and handling.’

Easy online shopping with QVC UK

A lot of people shop from QVC UK because of only one reason which is convenience. The online shopping platform of QVC UK is standard fare. But you need to make an account to shop with them and most shoppers don’t have any issues with it.

QVC UK has one beneficial feature which is ‘Speed Buy’ which allows reordering items every 90 days automatically. This is a great option for people who forget to order their toiletries.

Today’s Special Value Deals by QVC UK

These deals are only on selected products. They are on sale and you can find them on regular category pages. No wonder they are affordable but there are not any other bonuses or deals.

A lot of products on their site are on sale but they don’t offer many deals as TSVs are. But selection changes every new day and depends on what the company chooses for the specific day.

The biggest bonus is to shop online and get the best deals. This is the reason that QVC UK’s today’s special value deals are popular.

QVC UK Review

The right way to order using QVC UK TV as well as Livestream 

Ordering your favorite item from the TV can be tricky but it is a straightforward process. You simply need to call on the number given on the screen. Then you will be taken to a living sales representative who will help you with the entire purchase process.

Similarly, you can do with QVC UK TV Livestream which is dial and call. However, it has another feature that is better than calling. While Livestream you can simply add the item to your cart plus you can check the items that were on air.

QVC UK Review


QVC UK TV is known to be an online shopping company that provides an amazing experience to its shoppers. There are many easy ways to shop with QVC UK. But similar to other e-commerce or telecommerce companies, it has some caveats and it depends on you whether you want to shop with QVC UK or not.