The Knot is known to be a one-stop shop that has every brand to cater to the needs of couples. Whether you are getting engaged, having a wedding planner, having a baby birthing, etc,  Knot helps in having happy marriages.

Know about the wedding website 

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A wedding website is known to offer guests some information like the venue, driving directions, hotels, gift registries, etc. It serves as a repository for pictures, plans notes, etc. Plus, it is beneficial to find vendors, venues, etc.

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The Knot – Initial impression/navigation 

The Knot website’s setup and navigation were easy. It took only a few minutes to make the site and run it. The best feature of it is its dashboard. The navigation tools are intuitive and on point. Also, everything is simple to organize and can be coordinated with the system.


Table of Contents


  • Simple to use the visual dashboard
  • The Knot partners with other companies like Wedding Paper Divas, Minted, etc. to create invites, menus, décor, etc.
  • It has various options for meal choices.
  • The RSVP for anyone option is also there
  • The Knot has a style quiz to state your wedding vision of yours.
  • It has a feature that involves your photos from hashtags as well as Facebook albums
  • Simple to involve outside registries
  • Its Budget tracker service allows you to keep a check and manage the budget.


    • It shares the guests’ information with 3rd party vendors for marketing as well as advertising.
    • It is not suitable for small weddings as there are many features.
    • The template designs are modern and hip
    • The interface of The Knot is not very smooth and it can be a hassle.



Review of The Knot website 

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The Knot allows couples to get their event online very easily. The services are available for free which is great for people under budget constraints. Also, there are many simple-to-use templates that help to match everything with the color, theme, or style of the wedding. However, the designs are semi-customizable.


The themes are mobile-friendly and displaying images on the website is simple. All you need to do is create a page that is meant for pictures and you can show the casual moments, and other things. Moreover, you get RSVP services if you plan everything in advance which makes everything convenient and smooth.


The Knot makes it simple to integrate the wedding registries and it has other helpful tools which be signed up without any cost. However, the only drawback of the website is that creating an account leads to some advertising which can be problematic. And the site shares the details with third parties for the sake of advertising.


Customer tier options 


  • A custom domain for the wedding is $19.99 for a year and is also renewable.
  • The Knot offers tech support for the domain purchase and handles the set-up, registration, as well as purchase process.


Is it right for you? 


The website brings in many things for a free wedding website builder. It is simple to use, semi-customizable, and comprehensive. However, some might feel that customizable options are limited. But if you are not worried about this then it is a very capable, budget-friendly option.


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  • How to get the customers to give the right reviews?

The email gets to the past customer and then he needs to login into My Account and gets on the Storefront. The next thing is to tap on the reviews tap and you can get the best reviews.

The email can be sent to a maximum of 10 people at one time. Plus, you can give a link to the Storefront so that they can write the reviews.


  • What is the best time to get reviews from the brides?

It is better to send the request after 7-10 days after offering the services.


  • How to know about a new review?

The Knot sends the email automatically when the review is posted. You can easily read the review through the email.


  • Who can post reviews on the website of The Knot?

The member of The can review the business. However, if the customer is not a member then a registration needs to be done. Also, wedding vendors can write a review about the other vendors. However, vendors are not allowed to review wedding pros.