As per the website, The Knot has successfully inspired around 25 million couples to plan a unique wedding. However, its parent company, The Knot worldwide merged with WeddingWire and became the biggest wedding planning firm online. It is benefitted the wedding professionally unimaginably but is it worth the investment for wedding vendors?


Importance of The Knot for your business 

The Knot

The wedding vendors have easy access to customers with their subsidiary brands like:

  • The Knot
  • WeddingWire
  • Bodas
  • How They Asked
  • The Nest
  • The Bump
  • The Bash (formerly Gigmasters)
  • Lasting


The best thing about this network is that it allows the vendors to get in touch with the customers even after their wedding date. They have 40 years plus combined history as well as expertise. Moreover, they have 6 million plus pro reviews on The Knot platform.


Things that you need to know about The Knot: 


  • As per government data, around 2.1 million marriages happen in the US every year.
  • Customers that are using The Knot have simple access to 300, 000 plus local vendors.
  • Around 88% of people plan their wedding online.
  • On average, 67% of brides complete the planning, 14% by the groom, 13% by the parents, and the rest by others.
  • Around 81% of parents contribute to the decision-making of their kid’s weddings.


Who visits this platform? 

It is the couples that visit this platform.


As per the Newlywed report:

  • 1 in 4 couples met online
  • 27% own a home together
  • 49%have a pet together
  • 71% of couples date 2+ years before getting engaged
  • 27% grew up in different regions or countries


Also, there are some similarities like:

  • The average age of couples is 32
  • Couple’s engagements last approximately 15 months
  • 65% of couples asked for their parent’s blessing
  • 77% lived together pre-wedding
  • 72% had a wedding shower
  • 77% of couples changed their last names
  • The average number of guests is 131
  • The average number of wedding party members is 10


Comparison is done by The Knot with other review platforms


The Knot is known to be a niche platform and couples as well as vendors rely on it and their platform completely. The services offered by them are specialized and highly popular. In case you are a local wedding professional then you need to be on this platform. As a review, rating, as well as local listing platform, The Knot is known to be highly important for couples, the target audience, and things that you need to ignore.

The goal to be on this platform 


Just like mainstream platforms, your goals to be on this platform are similar. Every goal has its requirements:


  • Online visits – You can check the visits referred from the Knot profile directly to your website, social media pages, as well as landing pages. This allows the customers to engage with you on their platform. Also, this is beneficial for the vendors that are still using traditional advertising campaigns on The Knot.
  • Reviews – Creating a solid review portfolio can create a big impact off-site. This will help in allowing your profile to do well on Google through local search listings as well as local packs. This boosts the traffic on the website as well as the profile.
  • Conferencing – Customers can do video chats with the vendors as well as professionals. This offers the chance to sell the business before allowing the customers to make any decision. Also, this increases the leads generated on The Knot.
  • Bookings – The robust the review portfolio, the easier it becomes to gather bookings. Also, you get the chance to disqualify the customers that are not right for your business.
  • Leads – This is not just mere customer contact information but who is willing and who wants to buy. However, contact information is not equal to leads. Also, garbage leads can be a problem that doesn’t qualify the audience.
  • Sales – Customers derive the cash flow. A robust review portfolio is referred to as increased sales as well as revenue.

The Knot – Create as well as advertise the profile 

Here are the steps to do this:


  • Go to
  • Complete the form on the left and the WeddingPro strategist will get in touch with you.
  • You will get the confirmation message that allows you to know a rep from the platform that will be in contact. Later, you will get the vendor account from where you can customize your account. With this account, you can pictures related to information, details, as well as reviews.


The Knot


The Knot


The Knot


The Knot


The Knot

The way to optimize the profile on The Knot


The customers have the liberty to create a The Knot account without any investment but the professionals get four account options:


  • Limited – This is a free account option where you are allowed to upload pictures as well as contact information. But you can only share limited data.
  • Lite – This is the cheapest paid option and the price starts at around $50/month. You get some space to add photos and can respond to the reviews.
  • Standard – This is a highly popular option. You can post unlimited photos, bio, and personal messages, as well as social media links. The price of this option starts at $120/month.
  • Featured – This is the best option out of all as your profile gets the chance to be ahead in the search. You get the chance to be featured in the print publications of The Knot. However, you need to ask for the price.



The Knot reviews – Requesting, tracking, as well as responding 


If you are a member of The Knot Pro then you can request as well as respond to the reviews of the customers through the account dashboard, website, as well as a mobile app. The app is available on Android as well as iOS.


Also, you can select the top three reviews to be featured on the profile. The vendors who have robust review portfolios can get the chance to be part of ‘Best of Weddings’ as well as ‘Couples’ Choice’ awards. This can help boost your business.


The Knot