There is no doubt about the fact that reviews play an important role when it comes to your services. They help build you and your business as a wedding pro. The newly engages couple is always confused with so many options related to whom to hire for the wedding, your reviews can help them get a clarity of the picture. From the first-hand crowds that show how easy to work with you to the stores related to how you made someone’s day, client reviews can be beneficial people who are looking at your Storefront understand you in a better way plus as a service provider. However, it is also essential to understand that questions are important as well. So, here are some details that will help you know about the reviews on The Knot and WeddingWire.


When is the right time to ask for reviews? 

The Knot

There is one question that every wedding professional is going to is ‘When to ask the wedding clients about reviews?’ We know that it can get complicated as the couple just got married. So, it is all about knowing when the right time is and that is about 2 weeks after all the wedding ceremonies are done. It is better to give the couple some space to celebrate but not so much space that they easily forget the experience of working with you.

Is it correct to ask the couples to drop a review on The Knot and WeddingWire? 

A big Yes! It is highly essential to build your brand on The Knot as well as WeddingWire irrespective of which Storefront the couples got in touch with you. The reason behind this is that millions of newly engaged couples look at The Knot and WeddingWire when they start to plan their wedding which is why you want your profile to be current. The main thing is to ensure that every couple leaves an impressive review on the Storefront as copy and paste reviews can hamper your SEO. Therefore, ask every couple to leave a new review.

Is it possible to share your reviews on your website? 

Yes it is possible. It is essential to never copy and paste the reviews from your Storefront, this is the reason that it is now easy to add a review widget. To add WeddingWire reviews on your website here’s what you need to do:


  • Login to the account and tap on the option ‘reviews’
  • Now tap on the ‘reviews widget’ which you can see on the left sidebar menu
  • Select the widget color of your choice
  • Copy and paste the code of HTML onto your site. You will be able to see the first three latest reviews.


To add The Knot reviews on your site:


  • Login to your account and tap on the option ‘For your Website’.
  • Copy and paste the HTML code which is the ‘Couples Loves us!’ badge to your site. This is a badge that makes it easy for the couples to on it and read the reviews.

How to be eligible for Weddings and Couples’ Choice Awards? 

If you are interested to win Best of weddings on the Knot or the highly popular Couples’ Choice Awards on WeddingWire then your reviews play a huge role. However, the requirements are slightly changed during COVID, here are a few things that you need to know:


  • You require 5 new reviews to be eligible for the award on The Knot Storefront.
  • Also, you require 5 new reviews to be eligible for the award on WeddingWire Storefront.