Bonprix is known to be a German clothing brand. It has a French name which means ‘shop with good prices.’ The brand was formed in the year 1986 in Hamburg territory and began selling clothes via catalogs. The purpose of the brand was to create accessible fashion for all. The brand offers Russian buyers catalogs as well as the personal account in their online store.



What’s in the Bonprix store? 

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The company is known to offer clothing for men, women, as well as children plus shoes and accessories. Traditionally, the directories have vivid photos of amazing models. Also, there are many discounts as well as promotions. If you are considering a branch in Russia, you can subscribe to its group store on various social networks. In this way, the customers have the opportunity to communicate with the employees as well as other customers. On their social networks as well, they publish new items, discounts, and promotions.

Why Bonprix concept was successful? 


It is very simple that ladies don’t have to go anywhere and can shop from the comfort of picking amazing images. Also, the cost of the clothing is different from its democratic character. However, at first, the brand was not the site and the reason behind its feedback as well as the gratitude of customers was expressed via emails. But now things have changed and feedback is exchanged via the website which is easier.

Bonprix features 

Its clothes are produced in China whereas towels and bed linen are produced in India and Brazil. A lot of things produced are from artificial materials. However, you need to pay attention when you are buying something and can read the feedback of the store as it is worth it all. The most unique feature of Bonprix is that you can possibly order your clothing by sending SMSes

Exciting discounts 

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You can save a lot of money. The buyers leave feedback saying that they would like to save on some of the purchases. A lot of clients described in detail the ways to pay less amount to dress stylishly.


Ways to save

  • You can order clothes from Radel ‘Discounts’ as this category has clothes on discounts that reach around 60%.
  • Try to recruit friends in exchange for every new customer for 400 rubbles.
  • Try to apply coupons from the basket where you can get around 20% discount and even free shipping.

Things from the catalog 


There can be some misunderstandings due to clothing orders. Catalog, however, is for everyone and is free of cost. You can visit the website and click on ‘catalog’ and fill in all the details in the form and mention the delivery address. The parcel will be out for delivery within the week after you get the receipt of the application. If you don’t want to order online clothes then you can use the form of text. However, catalogs are produced only two times a year.

Bonprix payment 


The payment option offered by Bonprix is cash upon delivery which is convenient. Also, you don’t get your orders via post office but it is also done by some outlets given by parcel couriers. When it comes to payment, taking an order at the post office means giving the payment for the entire order plus commission for the transfer of the amount which is 2% of the purchase amount. But the commission will not be charged if you are getting your orders through courier or pick it up yourself.


After ordering from Bonprix, you get the notice of confirmation and you can track the order via your account. If you want to change the post data then get help from the helpdesk or write an email.


Bonprix – delivery types 

  • Via post office. To get the order you need to have your passport and notice. Free stored the package in the mail is around 5 days and later 25 days as per tariff fixed by the postal services.
  • Via Express services like DHL, SPSR, or DPD
  • Via points of issues where the shipment waits for two weeks.


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Know the cost of departure 


The company is known to offer affordable pricing and the cost of every shipment starts from 400 rubles but the region still depends. Plus, the timing matters, and the availability of goods should be there. If the item is in the stock and in the right stock then the package will come by mail within a few weeks. The reviews of customers on ‘Yandex. Store’ defines a different story as some people don’t like the fact that delivery can get delayed due to unavailability of goods. There are also some cases where delivery was months late which led to negative feedback.


Bonprix sizes 


There are a lot of positive reviews regarding the sizes as well. Bonprix has a special table that offers options to choose for the proper fitting on an item. However, to go have everything smoothly, take the measurements with the help of a measuring table and write it down. Now go to the dimension table and use the signs to find the best option for yourself. Also, don’t focus on the positive comments only, see the negative comments as well about sizing.

Ways to not make mistakes 

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  • Keep the answers of the staff in mind and read all the customer reviews of things that you want to purchase from Bonprix.
  • Go through the size chart so that you don’t make any mistakes.
  • If you have settings on the border of two sizes then go for the large size.


Is it possible to return things? 

You can return the purchased items from Bonprix within 14 days with the receipt. To return the product, you need to fill out the return form which comes in the package and also needs to pack the items in their original packaging. Attach a copy of the receipt with the bar code and send it via mail.


Also, the sent parcel should be done with declared value, no cash payment, or the return with no shop. However, if the clothing comes with the marriage then the losses cover everything. Keep in mind that a refund will take a long time and you need to have patience.

How to contact support? 

  • You can call on the given number which is available both on the site and catalog. If you are from Moscow then the call is free of cost otherwise you need to pay.
  • You can contact via email.

Positive things about Bonprix

  • A massive range of products that are updated constantly.
  • The products have detailed descriptions as well as feedback from buyers.
  • After selecting the catalog you still check the site and check the present outfits.
  • It has an easy and understandable size chart.
  • You can get video tutorials on its site.
  • They offer some discounts and promotions to save some money.
  • Clothes are available in various sizes.
  • The item comes with a quality instruction book.
  • You search by entering color, size, and category.


Cons of Bonprix 

  • Some products are not of good quality and you need to read the reviews.
  • They have ‘puncture’ sizes but is still necessary to read the comments of the customers.
  • Refund is a troublesome task. You need to wait a long to get the refund.
  • Things you order can be divided into two parcels and you might end up paying twice.
  • Technical support is not always quick and you might need to wait.
  • Things to measure are not an option.
  • Some things are shown available but in reality, they are not.

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No wonder everyone wants to have a positive shopping experience and Bonprix has become very commonplace. There are many positive reviews about this brand. A lot of women customers are happy with a massive range of goods that are of high quality and comes at a reasonable cost. Also, their return policy is easy to follow and people can easily follow it.


However, a lot of girls while ordering Bonprix goods face some substandard things. Some people wrote that even after following the recommendations after the first wash goods were inoperable. In contrast, you get only high-quality clothes. However, sometimes these things can happen but Bonprix is trying to fix the bugs/


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What are the reviews of employees about Bonprix? 


There are some positive and negative reviews from the staff. Some of them believe that the experience is useful and fun. However, if you are looking for work in the store then it is better to read reviews from former employees. Try to go for an interview and decide for yourself. A lot of employees are satisfied with the job and leave positive feedback.

To buy Bonprix or not? 

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Buying totally depends on the person. However, you can play safe by reading the reviews from buyers. Try to look for the information offered by the customers to have a better shopping experience. It is better to learn from the mistakes of others rather than make your own. However, ponder upon your choice while shopping and don’t make any hasty decisions.