HostGator came into existence in the year 2002. It is a Houston-based web hosting service provider. It predefined the plans and packages which suit the needs of every user. Its simple-to-use panel offers the accessibility to handle the traffic with an uptime guarantee. 

Highlights of HostGator 

In the list of best web hosts, HostGator comes at the top. The company is serving its customers for more than a decade now and has been appreciated for that. It is one of the trusted web hosts in the market. 

The features offered by this company are customer support, uptime shared hosting, and much more. Also, some of the other highlights are:

  • Amazing support options 
  • Satisfactory content delivery network 
  • To increase malware scanning there is an option of buying a Site lock. 
  • One-click installation 
  • SSL certificate 
  • Easy monthly billing cycle 

Best hosting packages of HostGator 

HostGator offers various user-friendly packages which you can use according to your needs. These packages are made as per the ability of large as well as small businesses.


WordPress hosting 

The company offers the cheapest WordPress hosting for the website with 100000 visitors every month. Their basic plan offers 1GB backups and other higher-end plans offer 500000 visitors every month for a maximum of 3 sites. However, its high-end WordPress hosting plan offers 3GB backups. 

HostGator’s VPS as well as dedicated hosting plans 

In case the business is growing, sometimes the shared servers do not work properly. During this time, it is better to get advanced packages such as VPS and dedicated hosting plans. The best VPS package offers 240GB storage, 8GM RAM as well as monthly data transfers of around 3TB. 

Dedicated server packages offer the customization option with benefits like 16GM RAM, 25TB monthly data transfers, and 1TB storage. 

HostGator’s shared hosting plans 

The basic needs of the customers can be fulfilled by shared hosting plans. The most common out of all is Hatchling Plan which is known to offer one domain, Shared SSL, disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and much more. 

There are other hosting plans as well as which are created with the addition of new features to the Hatchling Plan such as unlimited domains, SSL certificate, etc. 


HostGator reseller hosting 

HostGator provides a reseller hosting package with benefits like 60GB disk space, 600GB bandwidth, as well as unlimited domains. There are also other packages that provide bandwidth of around 1400GB as well as 140GB of disk space. 

What About it’s Uptime 

The company offers 99.9% uptime. It has around thousands of servers and the onsite technical staff of HostGator are available to keep an eye around the clock. According to the survey conducted states, the company offers 90% of satisfaction to its customers as well as maintains an uptime of 99.9%. 

However, there are no lock-in contracts as well as it offers a 45-days money-back guarantee. 


Security provided by HostGator 

It makes a provision to offer safety as well as security to all of its web servers. The company has many robust resources to prevent any interruption of services. Also, these resources include networks, HVAC systems as well as electrical systems, etc. It has cooling systems in case there is overheating of servers. The company has power backup, fire detecting lasers, as well as redundant chillers to maintain the performance. 

The customer support offered by HostGator 

The company offers commendable customer support. It has received a lot of appreciation awards. The company offers constant support and answers every question in its email option. Also, it offers social media support plus FAQs, lengthy articles, as well as video tutorials. It also has customer support agents who resolve the issues around the clock. 

Tools provided by HostGator 

It is also a provider of open-source applications such as CMS, wiki, and much more. The company also offers other tools than web hosting services such as: 

  • Security tools 
  • Google Analytics 
  • Email tools 
  • BaseKit site builder tool 
  • SEO as well as marketing tools