Kinsta Overview


If you are looking for a premium cloud-based hosting provider then look no further than Kinsta. It offers incredible performance on Google App servers. It means you can run your website on a similar infrastructure to Google. It’s popularity can be understood by the fact that it hosts some of the most popular websites in the world, including Ubisoft, Ricoh, Mint, ASOS, AdEspresso, etc.


  • High level of security
  • Universal data centers for hosting website
  • Cloud-based DNS service for free
  • 100% uptime assured
  • User-friendly front end
  • Fast and effective tech support
  • Quick page load
  • Staging supported
  • Daily backups to secure data
  • Apt for high-traffic websites
  • Monthly plans available
  • Free migrations
  • Free repairs for hacked sites



  • No domain registration
  • Little expensive
  • Number of sites is limited in the plans

How does Kinsta offer Cloud Hosting?

Traditional hosting servers have limited capacity and resources. With increasing traffic and demand, one has to increase the capacity. However in cloud hosting, one can easily increase the servers with the surge in demand and traffic. One can easily share the load among various servers. When the traffic decreases, one can easily scale back.

Currently, many well-known companies offer cloud computing such as Amazon, Google, Digital Ocean, etc. However, Kinsta only offers the services by Google. The hosting provider takes the payment for the number of servers that you are going to use.

Kinsta offers a user-friendly interface and manages the scaling of the servers smartly. One doesn’t need to worry about usage, scaling, and pricing. The web host takes the price on the basis of visitors that you can also come to know via analytics.


Top Features of Kinsta

  • Security

Kinsta has a team of security experts to ensure every website is running smoothly without any security concerns. The team keeps updating security policies and features for the betterment of the websites. The team also monitors the plugins and themes that are installed on customers’ websites.

  • Effective monitoring

Kinsta keeps an eye on customers’ websites in order to ensure 100% uptime. The brand has an automated system to monitor the websites. It deploys special scanning software on the websites to track viruses, hackers, and dangerous codes.

  • Hardware Firewalls

For any security plan, hardware firewalls play an important. They help in blocking unauthorized network access and stop hackers to get hands-on your servers. Kinsta offers incredibly advanced hardware firewalls to ensure the complete protection of your website.

  • Incredible performance

Kinsta doesn’t compromise with performance. Unlike other hosting providers, Kinsta uses Nginx which is an event-based web server, not like Apache. It can handle numerous connections at one go effortlessly. WordPress is designed for Apache. However, Kinsta made it possible to cooperate Nginx and WordPress through it’s expertise. Hence, one doesn’t need to do anything to run WordPress with Nginx to get the best performance.

  • Unmatched speed

As we know that Kinsta runs cloud-based servers hence one doesn’t need to worry a little about speed. It is capable enough to handle high traffic volume and multiple sites without showing any lag.

  • Low latency database

Kinsta offers an individual database to every website that runs at localhost right in the site container. Hence, the data is served right from the local host instead of crossing the internal network connections. It eventually results in amazing database performance and the site runs faster than others.

  • SSD Storage

Kinsta offers only SSD storage across all it’s plans. The minimum 5GB SSD is being offered in the lowest plan that goes up to 120GB at the highest plan.

  • WordPress Configuration

We all know that WordPress is quite a complex thing. The biggest issue is caching. The website builder has to take care of HTML code upon every request. Knowing the fact that plugins and themes are quite flexible in nature, hence they takes a lot of time in processing.

Hence Kinsta offers it’s own Caching system. It makes a cache of every page on the website every hour. It automatically installs on every new site. So, one doesn’t need to make efforts in configuring things on WordPress.

  • Premium Cloud-based DNS service

Kinsta offers a premium cloud-based DNS service that offers amazing performance and speed without any service attack or crash.

  • Several Hosting Locations

Kinsta offers over 18 data centers all over the world. Hence, users will always get the closest servers.

  • Free migrations

Unlike other hosting providers, Kinsta doesn’t charge a penny for migrations. It’s team can manage and monitor migration easily for every website.

  • Quick support

Kinsta has the quickest support system in the hosting world. On average the team answers every query within 3 minutes. One just needs to raise a ticket to get a solution. Along with that, it offers in-depth knowledge resource that helps users to solve many queries on their own.


Final Thoughts

If you are looking for cloud-based WordPress hosting then nothing is better than Kinsta. With incredibly competitive prices, impressive features, and self-help tools it certainly offers a true value-for-money hosting service.