Do you feel that Missguided is a scam store? Well, to know that you are at the right place. This review of Missguided will help you know about it. Fashion is loved by women which is why there many stores for them that offer them amazing clothing items to be on the top of the fashion game.


This review of Missguided is done after complete research so that you can reach the best results to shop from this brand.

Understand Missguided 

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Missguided is a UK clothing brand. It was created with the aim to increase the confidence in women. The founder of the brand, Nitin Passi created the brand in the year 2009.


The aim of the store is to create boldness as well as classiness in women. Every clothing item it offers has a slight touch of culture, pop, as well as street style which women can wear in their day-to-day routine.


Missguided creates masterpieces and ensures that every product is easily approachable as well as affordable for all.

Ultimate Luxurious Collection 

The store has a massive collection and customers get the choice to select from hundreds of products. Also, Missguided drops around 1000 new clothes every season which is great, and hardly any other store does that.


Missguided store has everything and its collaboration with Playboy is very unique and trendy. We also checked its sizing and we were happy that it has various sizes for every body type. However, if you have any doubts that here is a complete review of Missguided.


Does It Offer Top-notch Products? 

Quality matters when shopping. If the quality of the items is not up to the mark then there is no meaning to investing in them. But this store is worth your money. The quality standard of this store is high in terms of clothing, shoes, as well as accessories. Missguided does not compromise on its quality. No wonder, quality is the main reason behind the success of this brand. Missguided will not disappoint you when it comes to quality.


Is it legit? 

The one-word answer to this question is yes! It is a legit store and is no scam. The head office of Missguided is in Manchester, UK. It is authentic as well as follows every rule that is essential for a retail store.


It is not a scam and no store can survive this long if it is a scam. Missguided started in the year 2009 and is working to date. There are many reviews of this brand by customers that show that they are happy with its quality of products, customer service, etc. So, it is legit and there is nothing to worry about.

Missguided:  Size Guide

There is nothing scarier than getting the wrong size product. It feels like you have wasted your money. But is Missguided true to its size?


To see that you need to check its size guide which is available at the store site and will be of great help. They have given the sizes as per the body types and the sizes that are stocked at the store.


We checked its size guide completely while making a purchase and we found out that they were true to size. However, whenever you are shopping online something can go wrong so it is better to be careful. In case you get the wrong size while shopping with Missguided then there is nothing to fret as it offers 14 days return policy. Thus, you can opt for a return or exchange.


Is it safe to shop at Missguided? 


It is completely safe to shop with Missguided. Nothing is going to hamper your credit card or other information. Missguided is very careful with the privacy of its customers. They do not invade any customer’s policy.


However, we did research and found out that Missguided is registered as the data controller for the Data Protection Act 1998 as well as General Data Protection Regulation. Thus, there is nothing to worry about because the website is safe as well as secure. Also, you can always go through its privacy policy as it is available on its website.

Missguided – Customer Service 

There is an improvement in the Missguided customer service department. We took some of our queries to customer service and we were happy that they were amicable and helped us with their best behavior.


There are many other Missguided customers’ reviews that prove that they are happy with its customer service team and have also mentioned the names from the team. Therefore, customer service at Missguided is quicker than before and every professional.

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Pros And Cons


  • Massive collection
  • Free shipping up to 120€
  • Free return policy within 14 days
  • 15% student discount
  • Various promotions and offers


  • Very slow ground shopping
  • Sizes run a little bit small
  • Customers or duty charges are applicable


A Short SWOT Analysis

Here is a short SWOT analysis about Missguided that gives insight into the store’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

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Our Overall Rating 


This is one of the best retail stores and is famous worldwide. We reviewed Missguided and divided it into various categories. This way you get the vital aspect of the brand and understand where it needs improvement.

12 Missguided



No wonder this is the best and most detailed review of Missguided. It almost covers everything that is needed to understand the brand. This review is to help you have the best shopping experience with Missguided. Plus, you will love its quality, styles, designs, and a lot more.

Customers are also happy as mentioned above and even you can give it a shot. But don’t easily believe anything, o you search and read reviews. Missguided is not a scam and is safe. Therefore, shop with confidence and if you face any issues then you can contact the customer care department.