Ontraport is highly famous as the best email marketing automation platform that helps in building community and saves a lot of time and money. However, it can be sometimes buggy because of its complicated automation actions as well as algorithms. But unlike others, it keeps improving and adding new features.


Features of Ontraport 

  • Optin forms – It is easy to create complex and simple Optin forms on these platforms. They can be created embed in any post, as a site pop-up, as well as a clickable link. Plus, it is easy to customize the design of the Optin forms.


2. Advance segmentation, targeting and rules

  • Development segmentation, targeting as well as rules – This feature allows to place the contacts in a particularly interesting list on the basis of the way they signed up, what they signed for, email clicks, as well as the information provided. The rules can be created to check the subscriber and put him on a particular list. Plus, you can check the email marketing campaign sequence. After setting up everything, it automates everything. Email targeting is beneficial in keeping high open rates as well as click-via rates. This feature makes this platform powerful and offers to experience better communication than sending simple email newsletters.



3. Campaign mapping

  • Campaign mapping – This is a new feature that turns difficult email marketing campaigns into simple ones. It offers a visual overview of the strategy, and implementation and helps to check all the messages, tags, rules, etc. in one place. This can further help in scaling email marketing automation.


4. Facebook customization

  • It integrates with the Facebook audience as well. This can be set up based on the email segmentation lists. Plus, it automatically updates the subscribers to the Facebook audience. There is no need to manually update the email list and there is only one time need to set up through Ontraport as well as Facebook APIs.

5. Easy landing pages

  • Landing pages – This platform has its own landing pages which are known as Ontrapages. This can help to create websites and templates. These are beneficial to add videos, images, etc. The landing pages can be copied easily and can be published within 10 minutes. However, it has ytravleblog.com URL and is not effective.


6. Contact Management Automation

  • Contact management automation – This is a contact management automation and is beneficial for the businesses that offer services as well as manage meetings, etc. There are various tools that can help to automate and track the tasks.

Various other amazing features of Ontraport 


  • The platform has data analysis capabilities that allow us to see the working campaigns, what is failing, how to fix the issues, etc.
  • It integrates with Stripe as well as PayPal.
  • In case you have affiliates then that can be managed with the help of this platform.
  • Via text sign-up, it is easy to get people on the email list. Later, this can be used for robust SMS marketing.


Things related to Ontraport Subscription 


  • There are a number of subscription plans
  • It offers a free demo
  • The onboarding experience allows learning about the tool
  • There is no need for long-term contracts
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • It offers annual discounts where you can save around 18% every year.



Customer Service offered by Ontraport 


The platform offers amazing customer service and helps you will all the issues. However, if you have any issues related to the learning of this tool then you can go to the OntraportBootcamp. It is held a few times a year at the headquarters of Ontraport in Santa Barbara as well as in Sydney.


Unsatisfactory things about Ontraport 


  • It is buggy which can create issues to write emails, style changes, etc.
  • Sometimes, it is hard for it to integrate with another tool.
  • It is costly.
  • It can take some time to learn to use Ontraport.
  • The current landing pages are not impressive.
  • There can be a need to get OptimizePress to get done with the design as the Ontraport membership plugin as well as Ontrapages can create issues to sync. It is also difficult to sync up Ontrapages as well as OptimizePress.


The features of this platform can be beneficial in targeting, segmenting, as well as automating opt-in forms, email campaigns, etc. It is a robust tool that can be beneficial to leverage as well as scale to have a profitable business and better online presence.