The hottest collection of PUMA running shoes has given birth to the best as well as a new generation of runners. These shoes are for those who want change. Thus, PUMA has brought a line of new running shoes which are meant for different types of running. The basic denominator is that every shoe has the same important features. This is for the midsoles that were produced with PUMAs NITRO foam whereas its outsoles have special PUMAGRIP. These new PUMA running shoes are made with the aim to offer an effortless running experience.

Brief of this Guide


Pumagrip Outsole

PUMAGRIP is known to be the brand’s latest outsole designed as well as developed so that all the challenges can be handled. It is highly durable as well as offers grip on every surface. The outsole is developed with the thought to offer amazing grip even during wet weather situations. Every model from its latest collection is designed with PUMAGRIP.

The right way to test PUMA running shoes 

Here are some of the things that can be done:

  • We bought the shoes from this brand and did a test to avoid any bias or loyalty.
  • We ran wearing it for around 30-50 miles in different conditions as well as terrain.
  • In the lab, we also cut the shoe to see and measure its parts with calipers, scales, and much more to get concrete data.
  • To check the way they stack up to calculate its Corescore by getting aid from experts as well as users reviews.


Specific fit for women 

6 puma review

The latest collection of the brand also focuses on women. This is the reason that the women’s models offer better comfortable while running. Every model is known for:

  • design with a narrow heel
  • They have a lower instep
  • They are adaptable as well as shaped as per women’s arches
  • They are tested on female runners as well


In case you are trying to look for something different then it is better to go for Calibrate trainers. They might take some days to adjust but are highly comfortable, supportive, as well as efficient. Also, the UltraRide is a good option if you want running shoes as they are light and air. Whereas, the PUMA x First Mile is slightly edgy and cannot be the right choice for running.