Chances are you’ve seen various advertisements for hotel booking sites pop up while browsing the Internet, or maybe you’ve even seen a TV commercial for one.

Regardless, the popularity of quick and cheap hotel booking online is on the rise as people look for hotel booking sites to get them the best deals on rooms.

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One of the most well-known hotel booking sites is Booking. Booking is continually a top provider in hotel booking online for vacations or business trips.

On their site, they guarantee the best prices on all your accommodation needs. There is also a Booking app to make the process of booking your accommodations even easier.

However, with the popularity of this site, you really have to ask yourself the questions:

  • Is Booking legit?
  • Is Booking reliable?
  • Are Booking hotels a good deal?

Today, we will answer all these questions for you in our comprehensive Booking review. You will then be able to answer the question, “Is Booking reliable?” You will also be able to determine whether it is the best online hotel booking solution for you.

Managing Reviews on Booking


Keeping up a steady stream of bookings means having strong reviews available for potential renters to reference, but as the property owner, how can you keep track of what past renters are posting? Booking offers hosts the opportunity to track these ratings in one consolidated space within the extranet. If you click on the “Analytics” tab, you will find a subsection entitled “Guest review scores,” which synthesizes your scores and comments across renters so that you can get a snapshot of your property’s performance. It also tracks your reviews over time, so you can assess long-term how your property is faring.

If the data presented in the “Analytics” tab looks different than that you see when you look at your own properties on the Booking website, don’t be alarmed: Booking analysis includes all reviews – even those not yet approved and those missing from no-show bookings – so the numbers might be a bit different.

Booking Review: How Does Booking Work?

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The first step in our quest to answer the question, “Is Booking reliable?” is to understand how Booking works and what they are responsible for as a business.

Looking at the Terms and Conditions on the Booking website, we can determine that Booking is a third-party online hotel booking service that allows accommodation services (i.e., suppliers) to advertise their product (i.e., an accommodation).

Customers seeking accommodations are able to visit Booking, see what suppliers are advertising, and purchase a reservation through Booking that suits their specific budget and needs.

This may seem obvious, but the issue that many travelers have with hotel booking sites like Booking is that customers don’t realize this is a third-party service. Stated right in the scope of service, Booking is not responsible for updating rates and availability of accommodations.

It is up to the suppliers (i.e., the hotels). Once the reservation has been made, the contract is then between the consumer and the supplier. Booking does not take legal responsibility for any issues after the reservation has been made.

So what does this mean? Is Booking legit? How can we answer the question, “Is Booking reliable?” if they’re merely a third-party supplier?

Well, this is where some of the controversy comes in from using this online hotel booking site. Many people don’t read the fine print. They see a deal, expect to be protected, and end up in a bad situation.

In our Booking review, we’ve gone over the fine print for you, and as such, will be able to tell you what you should know before making a reservation. You won’t be asking the questions, “Is Booking reliable?” or “Is Booking legit?” Instead, you’ll feel confident in your reservation.

Booking Review: Customer Reviews


How can we answer the question, “Is Booking reliable?” if we don’t look at what current customers are saying about the service? So let’s explore what current and past customers are saying in their Booking reviews.

If you look at the thousands of Booking reviews placed on the Booking website, you’ll notice that reviews are specific to the accommodation in question (i.e., location of accommodation, cleanliness, the room, food, etc.).

The majority of these reviews are positive, receiving high rankings and positive feedback.

It’s important to note, though, that while the Booking reviews placed on the website do appear detailed and accurate, if you read the fine print of the Terms and Conditions, you will see that it specifically states, “We reserve the right to adjust, refuse, or remove reviews at our sole discretion.”

This does not seem very trustworthy, especially when combined with the fact that these Booking reviews on the website don’t really tell us anything about the actual Booking service and experience.

Once you start exploring Booking reviews outside of what is on the Booking website, you really start to get a sense of what customers are saying about the Booking experience in their own personal Booking reviews. You’ll discover that there are numerous customers who have had issues with their reservations. Some of the top customer complaints include:

  • Booking hotels not available upon arrival
  • Extra, unknown charges made on credit card statement
  • Cancellation fees not as advertised
  • Booking hotels not as advertised
  • Last-minute reservation cancellation by hotel

The complaints are extensive, and the negative Booking reviews are endless. This definitely does not sit well for the company, and yet somehow they still manage to be a hugely popular and widely used online hotel booking service. Why is this? Let’s continue to explore our questions: Is Booking reliable? Is Booking legit?

Booking Review: Cancellation

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One of the most commonly addressed issues in Booking reviews is free cancellation. For many, this is one of the top features of using Booking since it doesn’t lock you into a commitment. It’s when people don’t read the fine print that cancellation fees become an issue.

Here’s a picture of what the Booking homepage currently looks like:

You’ll notice that they do, in fact, specifically state they offer free cancellation; however, you also should notice it does say on most rooms.


This detail isn’t hidden—it’s not written in small print. It’s actually written directly on their homepage, so it shouldn’t be a surprise to customers that free cancellation isn’t available on all rooms.

Remember, while you’re making your reservation through Booking, your contract is between you and the supplier (hotel, bed-and-breakfast, resort, etc.). If the supplier makes a change, this isn’t coming from Booking, but coming instead from the supplier. You need to be sure you understand all of their policies, including cancellation policies, before making your reservation.

Booking Review: The Benefits

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While there are quite a few negative Booking reviews, there are also many benefits of using the service. These benefits include:

  • Price-match guarantee (deals on Booking hotels and accommodations)
  • Use of the Booking app
  • Saved searches, preferences, and credit card information; faster booking process
  • Amazing search functionality
  • All your options displayed in one place

One of the major advantages of hotel booking online is the convenience. When you go to look for accommodations for your next trip on Booking, you can see all your options in one spot instead of having to research various hotels. This allows you to compare the prices and features of various hotels instead of having to individually look each hotel up.

Additionally, Booking is convenient because it saves your searches and preferences. You don’t have to bookmark your favorites or keep track of various websites; it’s all in one place for you. Not to mention, if you need to make a reservation quickly, all your booking information, including your credit card, is already stored, so you can book and pay right away.

We also found in that Booking has great search functionality when booking accommodations. Their filters are extensive, so you get exactly what you want from your accommodations. You can filter by ratings, location, chain, features (i.e., Wi-Fi, parking, swimming pool, etc.), and much more. Is Booking reliable? Well, it definitely is when it comes to finding an accommodation that suits your needs.

You’ll also feel comforted by the various Booking reviews you can read for those accommodations you are interested in. As mentioned earlier, these Booking reviews aren’t specific to the Booking service, but they will tell you a lot about what other customers thought about your potential future accommodations.

The Booking App

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The Booking website is already easy and convenient to use, but the Booking app makes the process of finding an accommodation even faster since you can access the services easily from your mobile device. The app is also free to use.

The Booking app also makes your next vacation even easier because your online confirmation will be available right on your phone, and the easy-to-follow maps provided on the app can help bring you right to your hotel. Essentially, the Booking app makes your trip even more flexible. You can easily add nights to your stay and quickly find accommodations when needed.

Reviews on the Booking app from the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store are very positive, both with ratings of 4.5 out of 5 stars. It should be noted that some users have reported constant crashing of the app. However, for the most part, reviews are positive, with comments like: easy-to-use, straightforward, fast, an app that does what it promises, and an app that many people say they will use again.

Our Booking Review: Price

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Various sources debate this, but the reason that third-party online hotel booking exists is so that people can get deals. Matthew Kepnes, a frequent traveler, explains in an article on Lifehacker, “Hotels sell rooms to these booking sites at a discount price, which is why you often see rates cheaper on these sites than on the hotel’s website.” If people weren’t getting some type of deal, these online hotel booking sites wouldn’t exist.

What’s really interesting about this Lifehacker article, though, is that Kepnes actually found that Booking can sometimes be one of the most expensive third-party online hotel booking options when compared to Expedia, Hotwire, and Priceline. This claim is also supported on Top Ten Reviews.

What Booking reviews tell us is that the prices displayed on Booking aren’t necessarily the best deal, but with price-match guarantee, you may be able to get the best deal. You just have to make sure you’re on the lookout for better deals. If the hassle of price matching isn’t something you’re interested in, Booking might not be for you.

If you’d like to read the conditions of the price-match guarantee, read here. You should be aware that to get a price-match guarantee, you must show proof of the better deal right away, the better deal must be still available, and the better deal must have the same conditions.


Throughout this Booking review, we’ve been trying to answer the questions: “is Booking reliable? The conclusion: Not always. However, is Booking legit? Yes.

Why the distinction?

Well, as a third-party online hotel booking service, Booking does what it says it will do: it finds you deals on various accommodations across the world and provides price-match guarantee. So yes, it is legit in finding you deals.

However, because Booking works with so many various accommodation services, you shouldn’t always rely on these services. This is why it’s up you as the consumer to be diligent about reading policies and understanding what you’re committing to. You shouldn’t just assume that your reservation is taken care of—always confirm!

After conducting our Booking review, our recommendation to anyone thinking of using Booking is to use it so you can get deals, but realize, in exchange for this reduced price, you might need to do some extra research in terms of reading the fine print, confirming your reservation, and price matching, so you really do get the best deal.