Air Travel is considered as the safest and comfortable mode of travel. People who are frequent travellers directly book their flights from the official website of Airlines. However, a significant chunk of travellers is unknown about the fact that flight bookings can also be made through third-party applications with easy steps. Also, users booking flight tickets from third party applications get special discounts and attractive offers on their flight bookings. Though sometimes, users booking flight tickets gets stuck between two platforms and they cannot compare the side, which offers more benefits and less hassle while booking. Agoda and MakeMyTrip Flight booking portals are one of the renowned applications on the web to book hotel and flights. On the internet, there are endless reviews by people which is backed up by their travel experiences and facility. Here we will cover the basic structure and working of both the platforms and give a base to readers who are planning to book flight tickets from Agoda or MakeMyTrip.

Flight Booking Interface

Booking interface is one of the most crucial aspects of every third-party platform. Agoda and MakeMyTrip have multiple avenues and provide hotel, flight bookings and many more. Talking specifically about Agoda, the portal has three different sections, which offers flight bookings, hotel bookings and Flight+ Hotel Bookings. In the Flight Booking section, users get the option to search One Way and Round-Trip Bookings along with selecting the fare class. Agoda’s also offers exceptional value to users who opt for the Flight+ Hotel Bookings. Agoda also shows travel vacation rental along with customer bytes. Moreover, downside the interface has the list of most popular destinations.

MakeMyTrip, also famous as MMT, has a more dynamic interface then Agoda. MMT has various sections in the top side of the interface which allows users to book flights, hotels, trains, buses, cabs, apply for Visa and many more. Under the flight booking section, MMT enables the user to book One-way, Round Trip bookings. One feature which is exclusively present in MMT is the Multi-city flight bookings which are not available in Agoda. Apart from this, MakeMyTrip front interface has a section named as a super offer which provides users with special offers in bookings made through MMT.

Loyalty Programs

Agoda has an exclusive loyalty program known as the PointsMAX. With the help of Loyalty programs, Agoda users can choose their favourite plan and earn loyalty programs which will offer them various discounts and incentives in flight bookings. On the other side, MakeMyTrip does not have a dedicated loyalty program for its customers. However, MMT offers Special offers which provide lucrative discounts on MMT bookings.

Customers Reviews

Customers reviews are one of the essential elements in the growth of any business. Agoda has special section termed as Overheard from Travellers which shows customers reviews from around the world. MakeMyTrip on, the other side has kept a travel blog for customers. However, as per analysis, Agoda has faced negative reviews more than MakeMyTrip. Though, the reviews posted by customers are subjective as it differs from person to person and experiences.

What Differentiates MakeMyTrip and Agoda?

MakeMyTrip offers some great deals and lowest fares in flight bookings. MMT makes sure that users get a world-class experience while booking their flight tickets with the portal. To enhance the experience, MMT offers an instant discount, fare calendrers, My Wallet and many more. The major offering by MMT, which is not present in Agoda is the Visa services. MMT provides Visa services to its customers.

On the other hand, Agoda allows users to book flight tickets without any hassle. Agoda shows the best prices on 20,00,000 properties worldwide, which is the key feature of the portal. However, to conclude, if the users want a dynamic and flexible flight booking along with Visa services, cabs and hotels, they should opt for MakeMyTrip, whereas if the users want to book a flight ticket or flight ticket along with hotel rooms, they must go for Agoda.