The reason behind Grailed having an average to the good trust score

Grailed is not a scam but is completely legit as well as reliable. Our algorithm offered a high score to the review of Grailed. The rating of this is based on a particular data that was collected from the site on the Internet like the country in which that website is hosted, whether the SSL certificate is used, or some other reviews.


The rating shows that the site is completely safe for shopping or any data. But we cannot assure you that it is a scam. There are various websites that seem legit but are known to be fake. If you are unaware of the site then it is better to check it manually.

Positive Points

  • The website is known to be popular by Alexa
  • It has various positive reviews
  • Its SSL certificate is valid
  • The website is known to be old
  • It is trusted by Trend Micro
  • You may find adult content on this site
  • The domain name of this site is registered for more than one year that too in advance

Negative Points

  • Its owner is known to be using a service that hides their identity on WHOIS

Complete review of Grailed

  • Rating of the Company

It can be seen that the owner of this site is trying to hide his or her identity by using some sort of service. This makes it highly difficult to know who the real owner of this site is. This is the reason that such sites get a low score.

Webshop Analysis

The website is highly popular on Alexa and has a good ranking. It has many visitors and various other websites line to it which means that is considered relevant.


Websites that often provide adult content also have third-party trackers which can get your IP address, location, as well as system hardware information. Also, these websites are known for data breaches or leaks. Sometimes such sites even distribute illegal content with the help of viruses or malware which can result in serious legal issues. This is the reason that people should be extra cautious when they try to go through such adult sites or use such VPNs.


The name of this website is known to be requested more than a year in advance. No wonder this is a positive sign. Many website owners register their domain name only for a single year and keep renewing it every year. Whereas, companies that register their domain name for around 10 years trying to work their business for a very long time. Many scammers often sell their website name after some time when their scam comes to light.


However, this site was set up many years ago which is a positive thing. Therefore, the longer it exists, the better chances of it being legit. But there is no guarantee of it. There are some cases where some scammers buy the existing domain name and later start fishy practices. This is the reason that one should check a website.


Technical Analysis

This website has a valid SSL certificate. There are professional companies that use SSL certificates for the purpose of encryption communication. But there are various levels of it and scammers tend to install a free SSL certificate. If you are going to fill in your data then checking the SSL certificate is mandatory.



    • Why you should switch from Grailed?

    Sometimes everyone needs some alternatives or replacements to know which the best one is. You can compare them as well.


    • What are other options than Grailed?

    In this article, we have gone through alternatives Grailed. So, you can go through them.


    • What are the prices of Grailed?

    It is completely free for all.