Is renting a better option than buying? 


Infinitely Loft is known to be a clothing rental service from the brand, Ann Taylor. This offers you unlimited clothing rental where you can take three pieces at one time at a price of $64.95 per month. Infinitely Loft offers petite, tall, as well as maternity clothing plus regular sizes.


Know about Infinitely Loft


Its subscription – Infinitely Loft


Costing – $64.95/month as well as free US shipping


What it offers – Infinitely Loft offers three clothing items to rent for as long as you want. You can buy rental clothes or items at some amazing discounts and you can even swap with the new set of three products. This can be done as often as you like.


Shipping – The brand ships in the US but doesn’t offer shipping in US territories



  • Renting from one brand can make sizes very easy
  • It has petite, tall, as well as maternity styles
  • Amazing discounts



  • You cannot select the same items that you get in one set.
  • Doing three swaps plus in one month can be challenging.


The working of Infinitely Loft


This is a clothing rental subscription that helps in renting unlimited items within a month for the exact same fee. After filling the virtual closet with the liked items, the brand starts shipping the sets of the selected items. You can either wear them or return them and even buy them that are at a discount and repeat the process.


How to start with Infinitely Loft? 


The entire process is very simple and fast. You can browse the styles before the subscription and can sign up later. If you feel that the Infinitely Loft has all the right styles like classic, romantic pieces that will complete your wardrobe needs then you can go ahead with it. Also, it has many sizes which include Petites. After clicking on an item, you can check its images, size chart, other details, and available sizes. There are options for regular, petite, tall, as well as plus sizes.


The virtual closet 


This option is available on the right corner of the screen. This is where you can keep the track of every piece which are on the rack, on hold, and at home.


On the rack 


This is a place where you add items for rent. You can add at least eight items in this second before the shipment. Infinitely Loft also offers to keep around 20 items on the rack so that you can have an amazing experience even when you want to exchange something.


On hold 


The section allows you to save items that you can try in a different season or at some other time. You can move the items to the rack when you wish to buy them.


At home 


As the name suggests, the section shows the items that are on the way or that you need to wear. This helps you to track the package, items, as well as returns. Also, this is the only section where you can see the price of an item kept and current discounts on the items.




This is the final section is visible at the bottom of the closet page. It shows you the past rentals, sizes, shipping, returns, and your ratings on the previously ordered items.


How to return the items? 


The ‘Return Notify’ feature can be seen in the section At Home. This is the best and quick way to return the clothes and be set for the next shipment. After doing this, the Loft starts preparing your next order, and it ships as soon as the return bag starts tracking with the USPS. Otherwise, the preparation of the next box can be delayed.


However, it is essential to return all three items if you don’t want to buy them. Also, while returning the items, you will be asked to rate every item, how often it was worn, did you like it or not, etc. This is beneficial for future references.


How to make purchases? 


This is the initial rental service. They offer amazing discounts on clothes and if you want to buy something from the rentals then you need to click on the ‘Buy item’ button available in the Home section.


Infinitely Loft also price matches from the site and this is only done if the style, color, or size is the same and even if it is in stock.


Laundering and damaged items 


Infinitely Loft takes care of laundering as well as damaged items. But if you are going to wear a piece more than one time then you need to wash it. Plus, you need to follow the care instructions.


How many number of items can be tried in a month?


Infinitely Loft allows ‘unlimited’ monthly rentals. However, three shipments are enough. There are some factors that decide how many items you can rent, the longevity of wearing the items, the types of items, and how quick the returns are. A maximum of four shipments are humanly possible for everyone.


The canceling process of Infinitely Loft


If you wish to cancel the subscription with Infinitely Loft then there are two ways to do. Go to the account and search for the cancel button. You will see a number as well as an email address.

With email, you need to wait for the reply as the company will want to know the reason behind the canceling and will offer some credit or discount for you to stay. However, calling can be quick but its window time is very small.


Is it worth it? 


Infinitely Loft is a great option who want fresh and clean clothing without loading their closet or spending extra money. It is also a great option for people who keep fluctuating their sizes. This program can also work for people who don’t like the idea of shopping physically. If you feel that paying $7.22 for each item for free days is good then Infinitely Loft is a great service.