Review of Shopify 

Getting hands with the best eCommerce solution can be difficult. Shopify somehow excels in many areas and it can be the best tool for you. Here is a complete review of Shopify that will help you make the right decision.

 Know about Shopify 

In the year 2006, a German youngster created his eCommerce solution with the idea of others using it as well. Over the years, Shopify became the leading eCommerce solution with more than $63 billion in sales, 800, 000 online stores, more than 3000 employees, and a lot more.

It is known to support store owners by helping them to open various channels, offering customer support tools, as well as handling technical difficulties. With the new launch of Shopify online store 2.0, it is now easy to change the page design, simple editor, template changes, etc.

 Pros – 

  • Simple to use
  • Best designs
  • It is flexible
  • It is simple to scale small and big stores
  • Powerful apps and community
  • 24-hour customer support

 Cons –

  • Not an ideal URL structure
  • Not a multi-language store
  • Difficult in creating desired content
  • High transaction fee

 Best features of Shopify 

Here are some of the best features of Shopify mentioned below:

  • Simple to use – It is simple to use where you can easily set up as well as launch the tore within a weekend but can take some time to work on the custom solutions.
  • Amazing templates and designs – The platform has a massive range of professional as well as modern templates and all are responsive. But there are very limited free templates. You can buy the paid themes or can buy from Themeforest. However, you have the freedom to customize the templates. Plus, with its latest launch, you have the liberty to add the products, manage them and edit sections of any page.

 Shopify’s payment processors as well as transaction fee 

It has a lot of online payment processors as compared to other platforms. Plus, they have their Shopify Payments options as well. But one needs to pay an additional transaction fee in the case of other payment processors which is 2%, 1%, as well as 0.5% according to the plan. Also, Shopify payments are only available in countries like the US, Canada, Europe, the UK, Asia, New Zealand, as well as Australia.

 The process of Shopify shipping 

It has a great shipping system which can help in saving time and money. The shipping rule can be set according to the store. You can easily get in touch with USPS, FedEx, etc. However, third-party apps can also use it which is great. People who are currently living in the US, Canada as well as Australia can get the benefit of partnering with great shipping carriers, get discount shipping levels, etc.

Also, the platform is known to be the best solution for dropshipping and allows the store to get in touch with various dropshipping providers like Amazon Fulfillment, etc.

 Every related to Shopify and taxes 

  • It can include the tax calculator which is automatic with a ZIP code that is only for US stores.
  • If you have a Shopify Plus store then you can get access to AvalaraAvaTax software.
  • It has automated registration-based taxes for the store owners that are working from the US, EU, UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
  • Others can get to enjoy manual tax settings.

 Other online marketing features of Shopify 

It offers various tools that can be beneficial in increasing sales and boosting the business. You can add discount codes, and promote gift cards. However, it doesn’t have any loyalty program but has an email marketing tool.

  • Abandoned cart recovery – The average rate of the abandoned cart is around 60% but this Shopify recovery tool can be beneficial as it allows to get in touch with the people that never place any orders and can get them back.
  • Shopify’sPoS – With Shopify, there is a chance to sell face to face as well. You can integrate with Shopify’sPoS which is integrated with the platform backend. There is also the Shopify PoS app which sells the items and accepts payments. Plus, the PoS Lite subscription is of zero cost. The platform also offers a card reader which starts from $29.
  • App store – This allows you to get extensions for the online store. Various eCommerce solutions have their type of app store. However, Shopify has a massive range of apps that can help save time and money. You can also get free and paid apps.

 Reporting and Analytics by Shopify 

Here are some of the limitations of basic Shopify plan reports:

  • Real-time reports
  • Finance reports
  • Acquisition reports
  • Inventory reports
  • Behavior reports
  • Analytics are linked to the UTM campaign
  • Overview of important metrics

Here are some of the benefits of the Shopify plan:

  • Sales reports
  • It offers retail sales report
  • Profit reports
  • Customer reports

With the advanced Shopify plan, you can create custom reports, connect with Google Analytics, and get various reporting apps.

 The customer support offered by Shopify 

It offers 24-hour customer support through email, phone, as well as live chat. The live guru takes all the questions. This is the best advantage of using Shopify.