Every month more than 70 million people visit Skyscanner to get some travel inspiration, flight options, tips to save money, and a lot more. It offers the best options to get air tickets, hotels, as well as hire car companies, etc. However, this detailed review of Skyscanner will help you to know about it better.


Know about Skyscanner?


This is the best flight, hotel, as well as car, hire search engine and offers the best deals that you need. No matter if you are doing everything last-minute or in advance, Skyscanner is here to help. Also, it doesn’t offer the best flights but allows to compare various flights across the globe at one time to get cheap fares.


Tips and tricks to save money with Skyscanner on flights 


It can be tough to get tickets for the same-day flight but Skyscanner.net, Skyscanner.com, as well as Skyscanner UK can be of some help to get the best prices. Here are some of the tips and tricks that can be beneficial:


  • Flexible dates with Skyscanner

Open Skyscanner and enter the departure airport which can be seen in the ‘From’ box. There is no need to be specific and can opt for any airport in the city. Also, in the ‘To’ option add the destination. You can fill in anything or somewhere down the page in the search section you can add ‘everywhere’. Also, by clicking on the ‘show whole month’ option you can check the flights by day in that particular month. This will help to see the dial prices, code, etc.


  • Select ‘everywhere’ as a destination

If you are not sure about the destination then you can select the ‘everywhere’ option in the drop-down list. This will show the cheapest place first.


  • Choose the dates for travel

You need to click on the calendar image in the Depart box. This will allow you to select the option whole month or a whole year of the desired destination as well as airports. Skyscanner will show prices every day and you can even sign up for notifications. This can be done for various flights as well as the destination.


Check the alternate routes 


It is essential to check the routes which are cheap for the destination. You can enter the destination on the departure option and opt for the ‘everywhere’ option. The platform will later tell you about the countries that are cheap to fly to. Check from that country and the incoming flight cost to that similar country.


Daily deals on Skyscanner 


The platform offers daily deals on its flights. This is the best feature to check the best deals from as well as within the USA.


Is it convenient to book via Skyscanner or one should book directly with airlines?


This depends. Skyscanner is the best platform to book direct with the airline. However, it is best to find the best day, price, airline, as well as route, and later, cross-check the prices.


Skyscanner to get the best deals on hiring a car as well as rent them 


One can also get great deals on hiring a car and the same principles apply.


Use Skyscanner to get deals on hotels 


You can use the tools to get bargains, book flights, as well as travel individually. Plus, you can do all this on your laptop and even on your phone by using the Skyscanner app.


The working of Skyscanner 


The service offered by Skyscanner acts like an aggregate that gathers information from various websites so that customers can get the best deals as well as prices. Plus, it offers flexible search options like customers can check the prices for the entire month and year. To use the Skyscanner service, you need to visit the site and select the category to get the best deals.


Price of the plans 


It is free to use the Skyscanner site. After getting the best deals, you can make the payments via Skyscanner.com


The refund policy of Skyscanner 


There is no refund policy for Skyscanner as no fee is paid at any time. Customers need to check the refund or cancellation policy from where they are making the purchase.


Customer service


You can contact the customer service team by submitting via the terms and conditions page or can go to the Contact us link.






There are not many customer reviews. However, if third-party independent reviewers are worried then Skyscanner is known to be a favorite travel site as well as an app to get the best deals and make travel reservations.