Skyscanner is best known for offering cheap flights. There are many hacks that can be opted to get the best prices on this platform. However, there are many hacks of Skyscanner that can be beneficial in getting the best discounts.


Know about Skyscanner 


This is an online flight, hotel, and car rental search platform that offers the best prices on everything. It is based in Edinburgh and has its site available in around 30 languages.


Reviews and ratings of Skyscanner 


The reviews can be helpful in making any decision. There are many reviews and ratings on trusted names for Skyscanner.


Is it reliable? 


The platform is reliable and scans various airlines as well as service providers to check the results. You can make the booking on their provider’s site and it can also be any other online booking agent. After the booking is done, it is the responsibility of the provider and Skyscanner is not at fault in any case. Skyscanner is a cheap flight search engine and not a booking agent. Thus, it is reliable. It gives importance to its security and has a bug bounty program.


The flights with Skyscanner 


The platform is known for its cheapest flights and it offers them best on Wednesdays around 5 PM-8 PM CET. You can also find the best rates if you have a flight between Tuesday to Thursday.


USA – www.skyscanner .com

UK: www.skyscanner .net

India: www.skyscanner


Hacks to opt get cheap flights on Skyscanner 


  • Hack 1 – You need to add nearby airports. This can help to display cheap flights from the nearby airports.
  • Hack 2 – Fill in ‘can’t decide where.’ In case of some adventure, you can fly anywhere at a cheap rate with Skyscanner. You need to select the origin, select the option ‘can’t decide where’ and a list of countries will appear.
  • Hack 3 – Cheap month. If you don’t have issues with the dates, then this hack will allow you to get the cheapest month as well as the day to fly.
  • Hack 4 – Its calendar view. This helps to get the cheapest flight date in one month.
  • Hack 5 – The graph view. This feature helps you to select the shortest line on the graph so that a cheap flight in a month can show up.
  • Hack 6 – The alert. Setting the alerts on the Skyscanner will help you get the email about the price drop.
  • Hack 7 – country Search. This feature is beneficial if you have a fixed airport origin but can land in any city.


The multi-city option by Skyscanner 


If you are landing in one city and can take the backward journey from any other city then this is the best option for you but there are very rare chances of getting cheap round-trip tickets.


The random destination with Skyscanner 


If you love adventure and want to travel to a location with a cheap flight then this is the best feature for you. You need to enter ‘anywhere’ in the destination section and you will get the list of the places.


The app 


The Skyscanner app can be downloaded from the Play Store, App Store, as well as Microsoft store.


Taking international flights with Skyscanner 


You can also get cheap international flight rates with this platform.


The way to cancel the Skyscanner flight 


It is essential to know that Skyscanner doesn’t take the booking and it directs you to the provider’s site. Thus, it is not the Skyscanner to cancel the flight.


Check the flight status with Skyscanner 


The platform doesn’t have its flights which is why you cannot check the flight status with Skyscanner.


Book hotels with Skyscanner


You can also do hotel booking with Skyscanner. It offers hotel providers on the list and has special business rates along with the providers. It offers some discounts to the customers while taking care of its profits. The bookings are done by the hotel providers and agents.


Rent a car with Skyscanner 


There is also an option to rent a car with Skyscanner. It offers results according to the rate and booking can be done with any provider.


The website 


The platform has both websites as well as an app that is simple to use.


Customer service by Skyscanner 


There is no custom service offered by Skyscanner and does not take any reservations. In case you have any queries then you need to check the actual service provider. You can get the details in the mail after making the booking.


Skyscanner API 


You can create a custom application with the help of Skyscanner API. However, basic knowledge of programming is required to use it.


Things to be aware of while using Skyscanner 


In case you have not heard of any cheap option offered by the provider then it is better to search about it. After making the booking, visit the airline site and check everything by entering the flight details.




  • Does it offer cheap tickets?

Every online provider has a special day when the tickets are cheap.


  • Is this platform best to book flights?

This is the best platform to get cheap airfare.


  • How is this platform cheaper than the airlines?

They check various providers and show the displays. The airlines offer cheap tickets to aggregators which are passed on to the customers.


  • The difference between Skyscanner and various other platforms

There are many platforms that scan the actual service providers but Skyscanner checks the real service providers to offer the best deals.


  • Which one to choose Skyscanner or Skyscanner net?

Both the platforms are legit. Skyscanner is best for the US but if you are using it from the UK then you will re-direct to Skyscanner net.


The prices displayed by Skyscanner are sometimes different than the actual booking site. This is because the provider has changed the price or is not in sync with the Skyscanner database.




This is the best platform to get the cheapest flight. The hacks to get the cheap prices can be of great benefit.