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If you are looking for a hustle free booking of flights and hotels, consider checking out Trip.com.but how safe is the site? Worry not; read on to get more insights about the travel agency to help you make an informed decision before you engage them.

Trip.com is a legit online travel agency. It is part of a NASDAQ-listed company known as Trip.com Group. The travel agency has a broad network to provide clients with more than 2 million individual flight routes with more than 1.4 million hotels in 200 regions and countries. It is considered to be one of the top agencies in the industry.

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Trip.com is a legit global travel agency. It links you with the network around the world, either for flights or hotel booking. The company has more than 40o0 million users and 45,100 employees worldwide.

All you need to book with Trip.com is a mobile device or a computer. Head over to their site or open the app from your mobile device, a platform for searching the flights, hotels, and car rentals will appear. Enter your destination, check-in, check-out dates, and the number of guests. If you have a specific hotel, type in the hotel name.

Trip.com goes through your preferences and finds a hotel that matches your needs. You can filter your search according to your guests, star ratings, your budget, and many more to narrow your search until you get an ideal hotel room. The above procedure is followed to book flights and rent a car.

Is Trip.com Legal and Safe or Scam?

Trip.com is a legitimate Travel agency that helps you book hotel rooms, flights, and car rental services.

The site collects the following information about you:

Identification: your name, phone number, email address, account number, among many others.
Personal data: bank account number, insurance policy number, medical information, financial information, and others.
Your preferences like language also region
That is just a tiny part of the company’s information from you. The company has a valid SSL certificate to secure your information. The site only collects information that they need from you.

There are no reports about any virus or malware detected on the Trip.com site; however, nothing is 100%, you still need to take precautions to be safe. Many ticket sites claim to help you secure a flight and book hotels; you must do your due diligence before doing so.

According to the policies put in place by the company, it is no doubt that Trip.com is a legitimate site.

Is Trip.com Reliable and Trustworthy?

Trip.com has conflicting web ratings. Some have given it a high rating, while others have rated it as poor.

According to Sitejabber, the company has a consumer rating of 1.21 stars from 366 reviews. The company ranks at position 44 among Hotel sites. Better Business Bureau (BBB) has also given them a low rate of 1.3 out of 5. On the other hand, Trustpilot has given the company an average rating of 3.1 out of 5 stars.

The satisfied customers were mainly happy about the shopping experience, good customer service, and great prices. Still, other customers complained about getting refunds, credit card issues, and product quality issues. There is an equal share of positive reports as well as negative ones.

According to the company’s general service guarantee, if in any case your booking has been canceled by the supplier, Trip.com will give you back your full refund alongside an additional compensation of more than 20% of your booking.


  • Secured payments
  • The company offers discounts
  • Competitive prices
  • The company has a vast network of hotels, flights, and vehicle renting services to choose from
  • Positive reviews


  • Slow refunds
  • Negative reviews
  • Poor customer service
  • Not getting the full refund as stated

How Does Trip.com Make Money?

Trip.com makes money by helping you have a leisurely experience booking a flight, hotel rooms, and renting a car during your travel. No matter what type of payment option you use, the company assures its customers of secured payment, your sensitive data is safe from any unauthorized use.

You can save more when using Trip.com; they have discounts through their competitive prices. Registering to be a member gives you a high chance of getting more deals.

With Trip.com, you can go wherever you want, and it will connect you to the best flights and hotels rooms according to your preferences. The company offers a Service Guarantee to its customers.

Best Alternatives
If you are not comfortable with the mixed reviews about the company, you can consider checking out other Trip.com alternatives:

  1. travelocity.com
  2. edreams.net
  3. expedia.com
  4. orbitz.com
  5. lowestfare.com
  6. hotwire.com
  7. priceline.com
  8. tripadvisor.com
  9. lodging.com
  10. cheaptickets.com
  11. Flyer Booking
  12. Ski Deal Comparison


How can I cancel my flight?

Go to the booking details and select “Cancel Flight.”

What is the refund method?
Money refund: the company will deduct the cancellation fee, and the rest will be deposited to your original payment account.
Airline Vouchers: you get airline vouchers in the form of a refund. The information about the coupons will be sent to your email.
What is an airline voucher?
You are given a voucher when a cancellation has been processed. You can use it to deduct the placed amount from the ticket’s cost.

Can I restore my refunded booking?
Unfortunately, you can’t use the canceled ticket. You can book again.

Can I cancel my ticket if my visa has been refused?

If that happens, the refund policy allows you to apply for a refund contact the company through email or 24/7 hotline.

Can I rescind my cancellation request?

Yes, but do it as soon as possible before the ticket has been processed. Processed tickets cannot be rescinded.

I haven’t received my refund, but my booking has already been canceled. What can I do?
You can click “All Bookings” to check your request progress.

The cancellation progress goes through the following process:
Request submission waiting for processing by Trip.com
The cancellation process starts by confirming the cancellation policy
Once the company has confirmed the booking is eligible for a refund, they work with the airline to issue a refund.
Your refund is sent back to the original payment account. Depending on the bank/card issuer, the money might take time to reflect in your account, depending on the bank/card issuer.
How do I cancel part of the sector of my ticket?
You can use your denature ticket then cancel your return way. Departure tickets cannot be refunded.

Does Trip.com charge a fee?

No, it is free to book. They pass the cost charged by the airline or supplier.

When will I get my ticket?

When booking your flight, you can see when your ticket will be issued in your payment confirmation email on the booking details page.

What can I do if my ticket fails?

Contact the company by email or phone to be assisted.

How long do I need to have a used driving license?
Many rental companies need you to have held the license for at least a year.

What are license requirements needed?
You must provide a valid driver’s license. Temporary licenses or photocopies of original rights are not accepted.

ou may as well admit it. You’ve always wanted to travel in Europe, whether or not you’ve already done so. And even if you’ve traveled there many times, you yearn to go back—-again and again. For as long as there’s been an America, Americans have been drawn back to Europe.

Whether this yearning to return is because many of our ancestors came from Europe… Or because Europe has such a deep, rich and long-ranging history, much of it still there to wander around in… Or because it has amazing food and wine, to be experienced at charming restaurants, sitting at tables canopied by colorful umbrellas, and surrounded by flowers… Or because it has brought together awe-inspiring art and music and culture, and made it readily accessible for all to experience… Or because it is traversed by marvelous networks of transportation – trains and boats, trams and gondolas – making it possible to go virtually anywhere at any time from anywhere else, and to enjoy the going as much as the arriving… For all these reasons, the urge to “cross the pond” is strong. And the possibilities once you get there are extensive. Travel to Europe provides experiences and memories to last a lifetime.

The temptation, given the immense number of possibilities, is to make a whirlwind tour, jumping from country to country and place to place. Or, even worse, to hand over the reins of your trip and sign up for a group trip, either at whirlwind speed, or at a more modest pace, but in either case letting someone else be the decider about where you will go, what you will see, when and how. Avoid these styles of travel. Instead plan to travel independently, but with a well-designed plan, using a Great Trip guidebook to know exactly how to plan, arrange, prepare for and make your trip.

At a bare minimum, give yourself these five crucial, rejuvenating independent trips abroad, one each year.

Crucial Trip #1: Fabled France–Loire Châteaux, Mont St Michel, the Normandy Coast & Paris, City of Lights

On this unforgettable trip, you will fly into Paris and journey immediately by train to the charming medieval village of Amboise in the Eastern Loire Valley, your first home base, and your jumping off point for visiting five Châteaux, including the final home of Leonardo da Vinci. From there, you will travel, again by train, to Mont St. Michel, where you will stay out on the Mont like the monks of old, with the water surrounding you at high tide, then receding entirely at low tide — racing in and out at the speed of a galloping horse.

Next, you will take another train to the small town of Bayeux, your home-base for exploring the tales and memories of the conquests and liberations that have taken place from and to this precipitous coastline… from William the Conqueror in the 11th century to the Allied troops in the 20th. Then on to Paris for four glorious days (and nights!) on the left bank, where you will travel the Seine by Batobus (“Boat Bus”) to visit the art and architecture, cathedrals and gardens, markets and cafés.

Crucial Trip #2: Luminous Northern Italy–Cinque Terre, Florence, Hill Towns of Tuscany & Venice

After flying into Florence, you will travel by train to the coast for four days in Monterosso, clinging to the rocks along the Ligurian Sea, one of five gloriously lovely towns of Cinque Terre. Here you will take up lodging near the water, and travel about among the villages by boat.

Then on to Florence, where you will take up residence on the left bank of the Arno River, near the Ponte Vecchio and learn “your neighborhood” for the next eight days. Prepare to be awed. There is nothing you have experienced so far in your life like standing before the Duomo for the first time, or gazing in wonder at Michelangelo’s David.

While in Florence, you will have time to devote to art and cathedrals, sculpture and science, as well as markets and shops, outdoor dining and evening music on the squares… and gelato. From Florence, you will venture out on day trips to Cortona and San Gimignano, captivating hill towns of Tuscany that date back to the Etruscans.

Then on by train to Venice for three days, and exiting the train station to the cacophony of vaporetti and water taxis queued up to transport you along the canals to the stop closest to your hotel. This entirely unique city is another incomparable destination that will etch itself in your memory forever.

Crucial Trip #3: Stunning Vistas–Swiss & Italian Lakes & Alps

tripe the breathtaking scenes from Sound of Music. After flying into Geneva, you will board one of the impeccable trains of the Swiss rail system and travel to Lausanne on the far side of Lake Geneva, home to the International Olympic Committee, where you will be staying for three days. The funicular next to the train station will carry you up to the old town or down to the lakefront, where you will be staying while you explore the charms of this Swiss town. From Lausanne you will venture out by boat on day trips to the nearby town of Montreux, known for its Jazz Festival, and the legendary Castle of Chillon.

After Lausanne you will take a train to Lucerne, another storybook lakeside town, and your home for the next two days. Here you will be able to walk across the lake using a flower-bedecked covered bridge dating back to the 14th century, and walk the stone streets of old town, with brightly colored timber-framed buildings and little squares with fountains at their centers.

From Lucerne, you will be back on the train, changing to a different gauge train for the climb up to rustic Zermatt for two days, at the foot of the Matterhorn. Here you will be transported about town by small electric vehicles, or by foot, and carried high up into the mountains using a far-ranging network of gondolas. One of these gondolas will take you up over the Alps and into Italy for lunch with a stunning view.

From Zermatt you will travel via the famed Glacier Express to St. Moritz for three days, a beautiful and hospitable showplace that has its own lovely lake, with its own towering Alps in the background, and all the “ooh and aah” views that go with them. Continuing from St. Moritz by train, you will take the Bernina Express through the breathtaking Bernina Pass, traveling south across the Alps, then shifting from high Alpine scenery to palm trees. Next it will be on to Varenna, Italy where you will delight in five matchless days living along the breathtaking shores of Lake Como, traveling about by boat from one lake-side village to another. This is another entirely exceptional haven that you will love immediately and want to return to again.

Crucial Trip #4: Incomparable Capitals–London, Paris & Amsterdam

On this trip, you will divide your time, with five days each in three of the most extraordinary cities in the world, London, Paris and Amsterdam, each entirely distinct from the others. In London you will stay in a flat or hotel near Covent Garden, and learn “your neighborhood.” This will put you within a short walk of the Theater District (and the discount ticket booth at Leicester Square). So you will be able to take in two (or, better yet, three) superb London theater performances, with at least one of them performed at the rebuilt Globe Theater that harkens back to bawdiness of Shakespeare’s days.

At Covent Garden, you will delight in the ongoing troops of open-air performers–mimes and musicians, acrobats and jugglers–as well as the shops and stalls with every conceivable offering of craft and art, adornment and style. There will be time to explore the priceless collections of art in the museums, some of it created by British artists, but much of it appropriated from countries and cultures around the world. You will stand in awe before the magnificent Cathedrals of Westminster and St. Paul’s, then sit inside to soak in the peace, and possibly take in an organ performance. And you will travel the Thames, taking the London River Bus south to Greenwich, then north to Hampton Court Palace.

From London, you will travel by Eurostar to Paris, where you will immerse yourself for five days in the delights and senses, art and architecture, gardens and music of this remarkable city. Last you will move on to Amsterdam for five days, a feast of canals and canal houses, art and history, museums and music, outdoor cafés and markets. From Amsterdam, you will venture out to small neighboring towns with familiar names like Delft and Gouda. Your time in Amsterdam will fly by in a mirage of sights and sounds, stories and experiences, and priceless encounters with the affable Dutch.

Crucial Trip #5: The Dazzling South of France–Cote d’Azur, Provence & the French Alps

After landing in Paris, you will hop aboard the TGV (“Train a Grande Vitesse”—“train of great speed”), where you will doze away your jetlag in comfort while you traverse France at 200 mph in a little over three hours. But then, when the sparkling azure waters of the Mediterranean first burst into sight, you will snap into focus, and your train will slow to hug the coastline on its way to Nice for three nights. After Nice, you will move on by train to spend three nights in the enchanting small coastal town of Cassis, with its immaculate white stone market square, and its boat rides out to see the Calanques-towering limestone cliffs, rising straight up out of the Mediterranean Sea to heights approaching 2,000 feet.

Leaving Cassis, you will make your way back along the coast to Provence for three nights in the walled city of Avignon. Once the second city of the Popes, Avignon has its own “Pope’s Palace” and Cathedral, as well as its bridge of childhood song, pedestrian streets, and vast open squares, surrounded by cafés and restaurants and lined with trees.

Then you will travel north until you reach the French Alps, where you will spend three nights in lovely Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, site of the first Winter Olympics in 1924 (elevation 3,320 – 15,780 feet). From high up in Chamonix, you will descend to Annecy for three nights, sometimes called the “Venice of the Alps” for its two canals and the Thiou river flowing through the old city. In this enticing town beside a stunning glacial lake, with its glorious backdrop of mountains, you will walk the narrow cobbled streets of Old Town and travel by boat or by bicycle to other small towns bordering the lake.

And So, Where to Begin

Where will you begin? When? Could you manage to take them independently? Should you? Can you afford to go? Can you afford not to?


Taking these questions in order… Where will you begin? Start with Trip #1: Fabled France. When? Plan to take this trip next year at the latest. Then take another trip each year from that point on (or, at the very least, one every two years).

Could you take these trips independently? And should you? Yes, you most definitely could manage to take them independently, and, yes, you should. Use a Great Trip to France guidebook to know exactly how to plan, arrange, prepare for and make each trip. Each book in the Great Trips series carries you fully through every stage and detail of the trip, from planning and preparing, to making arrangements and booking planes, trains and drivers, to budgets and packing, to arrival and orientation, to day-by-day guidance of what to do and when and how to do it, and how to have the full experience. You will have everything you need to make your own great trip, yet you will keep your freedom too.

Yes, you can afford to take the first of these trips, through some combination of saving and priority shifting. If taking the entire 15-day version of the trip is beyond reach, timewise and otherwise, then find a way to take half the trip in 8 days and save the other half for later.

And, no, you cannot “afford not to.” These are the trips of a lifetime that will become part of you and will change forever how you see life and the world. By making these trips, you will bring home stories and treasures, as well as changes in how you live your life from day to day.

Take it from a pair of habitual travelers… From Tremezzo on Lake Como, we brought home from market day the tablecloth we now use when we eat lunch in the little Italian Trattoria we have set up on our front porch. Many days we enjoy sea bass in a lemon butter sauce, with fresh spinach lightly sautéed in olive oil, just the way we liked it when we were sitting at a lake-side restaurant in Bellagio. We take time out from our busy work days to sit outside talking and laughing together, looking out across our front gardens, in the contented style we brought home with us from Italy and from France. And we turn on music first thing every morning, another habit change we adopted from our travels.

Once your perspectives and views have been broadened by travel, your eyes will be opened, and there will be no going back… nor would you want to. “As you grow older, you’ll find the only things you regret are the things you didn’t do” (Zachary Scott).

Carolee Duckworth is an avid traveler, an experienced trip designer, and co-author (with Brian Lane) of the book “Your Great Trip to France: Loire Chateaux, Mont Saint-Michel, Normandy & Paris,” now available on Amazon. Please join our Great Trip Travel Insider community at www.YourGreatTrip.com to receive our definitive guide to packing: “How to Pack Like a Pro.” As a Great Trip Travel Insider, you will continue to receive periodic emails with helpful travel ideas, travel tips and updates as new Great Trips become available